Meniscus Tear and Loss of Mobility

by John
(Manchester, UK)

I tore my meniscus playing football 7 weeks ago and still can not bend my knee for example to get into the squat position due to the pain.

Initially after injury i was unable to bend or fully straighten the knee but this has now improved so that i can fully straighten my knee and can bend the knee more too.

I have seen substantial improvements in my ability to bend my knee in the last couple of weeks but frustratingly it is still far from returning to the pre-injury state of mobility.

Assuming I do not need surgery (i have been advised by a doctor to give it time as he thinks it may heal on its own without requiring surgery.)
Given the amount of time elapsed since my injury, is it normal that after seven weeks i have still not regained full mobility?

If so, typically how long can it take before i get back full mobility and am able to play sports again?

Is there anything i can do (other than surgery) to accelerate recovery at this stage, for example would you advise i push past the pain barrier and try to bend it a little more each day over a period of time?

I am doing some knee exercises suggested by my doctor too.

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Aug 18, 2008
Where is your pain?
by: Bart - SII

When you try to bend your knee, where do you feel the pain coming from? Is it deep down inside the joint, more towards the top or bottom of the knee? On the sides?

These can all indicated different reasons why your knee flexion is still restricted.

Do you still have swelling in the knee joint? If so, this can also limit motion.

There is also the possiblity that you have a small piece of meniscus inside the joint that is causing the restrictions and pain. If that is the case, then surgery is most likely your best option for a full recovery.

I would recheck with your physician and discuss your concerns with him. That is going to be your best bet for getting this taken care of quickly and successfully.


Aug 27, 2008
Meniscus tear and loss of mobility
by: John


thanks for coming back to my question.

The pain is on the lower part of the knee on the inside.

The swelling has gone down but occasionally the knee seems to catch ever so slightly when going up and down stairs etc.

I have now had an MRI scan done and am due to see a consultant to discuss the results later this week.

Will let you all know the outcome.


John (Manchester, UK)

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