My elbow....

by N. Gamblin
(Austin, TX)

My elbow is in a lot of pain. I was going out to make a save (I am a goalie for soccer,) and my arm was fully extended and straight. The ball hit my wrist and I felt my elbow (on the inside, or side with the pinky)pop (I didn't hear it however) and was in a lot of pain. I could barely lift my arm, it felt really heavy, but it didn't tingle. I had very limited range in motion, could neither push not pull, or put pressure on it. When I would squeeze my thumb and pointer finger together it hurt my elbow in one spot, but I could squeeze all my other fingers without pain. My range of motion has come back, I still feel it popping everyone in a while, and I hear it making a lot of cracking noise (like when you pop your knuckles.) I can't have pressure while twisting it, and it is still swollen. When I was warming up for my game yesterday, I went to make a save, the ball once again hit my wrist and I fell to the ground in pain. This time, it hurt worse and took longer for the shock to go away. Afterward, I looked at my elbow, and it was even more swollen than before. I can have to ball hit anywhere on my arm, but on my wrist, and not feel pain. If someone just lightly taps my wrist, my elbow feels like needles going into the pinky side of my elbow. I still can't twist it, do you ahve any idea what happened?

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Mar 02, 2010
elbow injury
by: Bart - SII

You need to see your doctor to find out what you have done to your elbow. It could be a ligament sprain or muscle strain, but without an evaluation and an X-ray, it is impossible to know what exactly is going on, and what you need to do to get better.


Dec 25, 2010
Elbow pain
by: Anonymous

I had a similar experience. Went to doctor and they said I had tennis elbow. They said to put ice on it. Take a inflamitory. The problem with me is I have not been able to use my arm at all for 8 months.

Oct 14, 2011
Rolfing / keep moving elsewhere
by: Paul

It sounds like the force of the ball hyperextended your elbow and tore some fascia (the connective tissue stuff that surrounds your muscles). You can be a setup for elbow injuries if you're inflexible in the neck and shoulders. I'm a goalie as well and recovered from a frozen arm and shoulder. I made the mistake of just letting it heal in a sling without moving it.ugh) Physical therapy called Rolfing was my savior. (completely resolved my torn meniscus too - no drugs, no operation.)
It's like systematic deep tissue massage. I Got full strength back and even more range of motion. (What is rolfing? U can find a "Rolfer". Myofascial Physical Therapy is a less comprehensive approach that uses the same theory.

That's the secret of the NHL, NBA, NFL, professional dancers etc to come back from injuries within days. (watch what they do on the sidlines to injured players.) the results are immediate and preventative too.

Connective tissue, the fascia, covers every muscle we have (That white sinew in meat you can peel off the chicken muscle, get stuck together, which makes our muscles stick together, which makes us VERY inflexible when "glued" together).

When inflexible we get "tears".Rolfing approach is to align body to reduce tugging on the injured area, so unstuck muscle surfaces slide over each other like they're supposed to.

When healing from other hyper extension injuries I learned to make sure I focused on keeping range of motion too away from the injury.

If you chronically keep your arms in the air like we goalies always do, your neck and shoulders get locked and strong. That means your elbow is pulled way more than "normal" by shoulder/neck to hold arms up, making you strong (but inflexible.

You said you can feel the connection between wrist and elbow. Same deal between shoulder/neck and elbow from the other direction except you can't feel it yet. That one sided tugging in one set of muscles than the other side of the injured area, can result in "tennis elbow". Deep stretch your tight neck etc and you'll help allow the elbow to heal. The stronger your neck etc is the more dramatic the benefits of loosening those muscles.
You can also get someone to do deep massage around your neck (and whatever is ultra tight) with their elbows. (I bet your neck and shoulders are really tight/rock solid)

Keep moving your hands and arm rotations etc if without pain on your elbow. It's absolutely critical you keep your range of motion elsewhere (including (esp fingers, every little finger muscle, one by one) shoulders on injured arm),keep moving hips, back, neck, other arm, knees etc for your elbow to heal. Deep massage tight areas away from the elbow and it will relieve pain. If it hurts your elbow, stop and stretch/massage something else.) If the professional athletes do this stuff to recover, why shouldn't you?Good luck with it.

Oct 22, 2015
elbow NEW

That should have been really unpleasant! It hurts so much when hit the elbow.

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