Question - ACL (surgery or brace)

by keith

i had patella acl reconstruction in 92. 10 years later the knee became unstable. fell down etc. went to orthopedic, after tests said knee was no longer stable and put me out of work as i am a bridge worker and climb and lift heavy weights.

i have put off surgery as i'm not sure i will do that awful rehab again. doc said then i have to wear brace if i don't have the surgery.i am approaching 60 and do not have to work. should i do the surgery or continue wearing brace. i am used to the brace and am scared of having more surgery.

thank you

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Jul 07, 2015
As per your choice NEW
by: Anonymous

If you are not willing to have a surgery then go for a brace and also you are used to it. Or you can take an advice from health specialist or get some research papers on it by writers of buy research paper who are good at writing research papers.

Oct 23, 2008
brace vs. surgery
by: Bart - SII

One thing you do have going for you is that the surgery and rehab now is significantly better than it was when you went through it the first time.

With that said, it is a long process and the rehab is still work. If you are getting by with the brace, and are able to do the things you enjoy without too much pain or limitations, then I would opt toward conservative treatment.

60 isn't that old, but is toward the upper range of usual ACL reconstructions. Because of your long time instability and previous history, you likely do have some significant arthritic changes - another surgery will add to that, and if you are doing relatively ok now, then the brace should get you by.

If you are in significant pain and have limitations with your activities, then surgery would be an option to possibly help with that - an allograft would be a good choice because the recovery is usually easier.


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