Question - Jones Fracture after the cast (swelling)

by Lori

Hello, my question is, after 12 weeks in the cast for a jones fracture and now exactly one week since it was removed, is it common for my leg and foot to swell?

I started right off walking lightly on foot and now I am not sure if I over did it or not. I am not going crazy like walking and running but what should my limitations be and is the swelling normal?

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Jul 10, 2008
Completely normal - just don't over do it
by: Bart - SII

Some mild swelling in the foot and ankle after coming out of your cast is very normal. Your foot and ankle has been on vacation from walking for 12 weeks and so this new added stress is going to irritate the joint surfaces and cause some mild swelling for the first few days or weeks.

This swelling should fluctuate in direct proportion to your activity levels - so the more you walk, the more you get - especially during the first couple weeks. However, it should subside after you rest - so in the mornings you will probably notice that the swelling has gone down, and then increases as the day goes on.

I wouldn't be too concerned unless you are having a lot of swelling that sticks around for days on end. If that is the case, then recheck with your doctor just to make sure everything is ok.

Hope this helps - comment back with other questions.

May 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have a jones fracture. I spent 2 weeks in a boot with no progress. Now I'm 10 days in with a hard cast and my leg swells if I don't elevate my leg. I was wondering how long the swelling would last.

Jun 20, 2009
by: alison

I broke my fibula bout 7weeks ago,i got my cast off 2 days ago and have tryed small walking with my crutches,i cant walk yet without them.but leg swells up during the due to be married in 20 days!! will the swelling go down before that..would like to hear other views on this..

Jul 23, 2009
Joins fracture - latent foot swelling
by: KW

My situation is a bit different in that the metatarsal break occurred three years ago this coming November. I was weight-off for 7 weeks and wore tennis shoes with good ankle/foot support, exclusively, for the next 6 weeks. I am still having problems with the foot swelling at all times of the day - top only with no pain. If I wear lace ups or shoes which constrict the top, the swelling is controlled, but it never goes away completely and is, of course, worse in the summer heat and humidity. I'd like to wear flat dress shoes and sandals without my foot looking and feeling like an overstuffed burrito. Any suggestions?

Jan 18, 2010
swelling after cast removal
by: april

my son broke his tibia. He was in a long leg cast for 4 wks, short one for another 4 now in a walking boot. His foot and ankle are a little this normal? his foot color and warmth are normal. Just wondered how long does this last..doc wants him to gradually get to full weight bearing on the boot, and do ankle exercises..also what are the best types of exercises for the ankle?

Nov 07, 2010
Trying to walk after cast removal
by: Anonymous

I broke the tibia and fibula. My cast has been off for atleast 2 weeks. I still do not have full mobility when walking. I experience a lot of pain when I try to walk normally.Swelling remains in my ankle and on top of my foot. The swelling does go down when I lay down for several hours. Is the swelling causing the pain and limited mobility in walking? If you experienced the same problems. How did you over come the pain swelling and limited mobility. How long did it take for you to become normal again?

May 29, 2011
severe swelling of my hand
by: Anonymous

I got my cast off last week and was o.k. but now my hand is swollen like a balloon and joints of my fingers also swollen.Hand looks deformed.Had a wrist fracture but my upper arm hurts due to mobility and maybe coz of the white cast which is heavier.I hope nothing to worry.But still to be on the safer side I will go for an x-ray.Is it normal

Jul 11, 2011
foot fracture
by: Anonymous

will the cast on my foot come off after 2 weeks from a fracture? what movements am i able to do after? like walk or get on a bicycle slowly?

Nov 07, 2011
Jones fracture and time it take to start walking o.k.
by: Anonymous

This is my 9 weeks post Jones metatarsal fith fracture. I have been non-weight bearing and using cast boot and crutches all this time. Last week Dr. recommended to start using one crutches and start walking with the cast boot for one more week. However, when I put pressure in my foot is mildly painful, it swell and can not really walk even with cast on yet. My question is how long it will take for me to start walking normal. Would I need physical therapy?

May 30, 2012
Swelling to ankle and leg NEW
by: Anonymous

I broke my tib about 10 weeks ago and just got my cast off.
When my cast was on I got a blood clot in my leg and it went to my lung I was ill for a week and now on Warfarin
My angle and leg has swollen now the cast has come off
I have tried putting my leg up to get the swelling down, however it does not seem to help
Could the Warfarin be causing the swelling

Dec 03, 2012
right foot NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a hard case for 2 weeks. when i put my foot down wards it swelle's how long will thid last and does it make thing worst?

Feb 17, 2015
svv1 NEW
by: Kohel

How are you feeling now? My brother also did end up with an even more severe injury last time. I hope more medical care shall be easily obtained. A lot of rest and medication is required for someone who had problems.N ICD 10 Coding

Mar 02, 2015
jones fracture recovery NEW
by: Anonymous

I had jones fracture. it got fractured at 3 loctations. I had to go for surgery. I was in cast for a month. after a month I am able walk with no pain. I get swelling but it goes quickly once I put my leg up. I am walking with a stick.

May 31, 2015
Jones Fracture after the cast NEW
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Oct 21, 2015
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