Question - Knee Injury (pop with bending knee)

hi all, while going down into a bent knee position similar to a 'praying position' i felt a pop.I had immediate swelling below the knee and to the outside of the knee, the pain runs down the outside of my knee and just below the kneecap, with the immediate swelling I am not sure what i have done but presume I have torn something.

While this was done while 'only' bending, I have done many years of weight training in the past, I still do circuits and my job is very physical.

Thank you for your time and I hope someone can shed some light for me as the pain is pretty bad when bending the knee but ok while the knee is straight.

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Oct 07, 2008
knee pain and swelling
by: Bart - SII

It does sound like you have torn something - the ACL is the first thing that comes to mind, simply because of the "pop" and immediate swelling. The other possibilities are the meniscus, or you may have subluxed your patella.

I would recommend getting in to see your doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation - they will likely order an MRI, as ligament tests and other clinical tests will likely not give good results with all of your swelling.

It is hard to believe you could have an injury like this with just bending down, but I have seen one or two ACL tears with similar mechanisms.


Oct 27, 2010
cartlidge tear
by: Anonymous

i thik you might have torn your cartlidge. I had the same problem, i as going to kick a soccer ball and as my knee bent back i felt a pop. it swelled immediatly and i could not walk. i ended up having a bucket handle maniscous tear.

Mar 05, 2011
Knee popping
by: Anonymous

I had a similar problem in 2009 while trying to score a goal. The subtle pain and noisy pop sound still persist after 2 years. When bending my knee, it pops usually at a 170 degree position. I recently visited my doctor and a series of scans were done, concluding that my situation was not that bad. He prescribed a knee brace and resumption of sporting activities but in a gradual way, eg swimming, visiting the gym and playing football but not competitive one atleast for now. I cannot wait to get better.....cheers mate!

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