Question - Leg Muscle Injury

by Vic

I work out a lot, my friend says too much, but it is how I deal with stress. I have an injury that is causing significant pain, but because I NEED to work out I keep going (usually included up to 20 miles on bike, 4 miles walk, 4 miles rollerblade and up to 37 martial art forms plus sit ups and light weights with the Wednesday night youth group activities it may add in soccer or other fun stuff with youth).

When I was 16 (1995) injured left hamstring area, healed but in spite of constant stretching it never regained all flexibility. I have been very active since age 13.

In 2006 I injured the left hamstring area (really high up in bottocks)again playing soccer. It improved slightly with physical therapy and restricted activity, but never quit hurting. For the past 4 months the pain has been unreal and has almost put me down literally multiple times. If i try a quick movement the severe sharp pain either causes the brain to say stop and then the muscle doesn't work or it becomes weak..i am not sure which.

The pain is no longer just in the buttocks area. It will shoot down the leg and the back of the calf and knee will tighten up bad and feel swollen if I continue to use it, especially if on uneven terrain. The front of the hips are extremely tender to the touch (like right inside the hip bones). I need to keep working out, but my pain tolerance level is getting taxed. I am also dealing with severe long thoracic nerve damage in right shoulder with extreme annoying pain in the scapula area on a daily basis. Do you have any advice???



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Aug 06, 2008
Lots of compensations...
by: Bart - SII

It sounds like you have a lot of compensations going on because of the hamstring issue. Your hip flexors are being overworked, which is probably why you are so sore to the touch in the front of the hips. The pain into the knee and calf is likely due to hamstring weakness and hip mobility restrictions.

I would recommend several things - number one, try to cut back on aggravating activities - you don't have to stop everything, just cut back some, especially things that make the hamstring worse. Try to add some hip stretching, especially for the hip flexors, piriformis, and the lumbar spine - all of these can help loosen up your hip mobility, which will in turn take some stress off of your hamstring.

Another thing to work on is strengthening of the hamstrings. Low weight dead lifts, performed with perfect form, are a great way to work on improving the hamstring strength.

You may also want to consider returning to your physician for a referral for another round of therapy - might help.


Oct 15, 2008
My whole right leg is screwed up!
by: Anonymous

This could be me! I tore my right hammy a year ago. It still gets tight in the same spot (mid muscle) and now gets tight near where it connects to my but. I got strained hip flexors 3 months ago. I do PT, stretching, icing, eased up on workouts, massage, orthotics - can't make it go away. Any other advice????

Dec 09, 2015
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Mar 16, 2016
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