Question on swelling & pain 9 weeks post op from ACL & Lat Meniscus

by Rebecca Kemp
(Mechanicville, NY)

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this - I had the ACL reconstruction using the Allograft & also lateral meniscus repair (with stitches). The past couple of days my knee has been more swollen than usual & more painful - I actually took 2 pain pills last nite since the pain had me in tears when I put pressure on my leg.

I recently joined a gym & have been able to ride the stationary bike (60-80 rpm) at level 2 or 3 for 2 half hour sessions. I also can walk on the treadmill for about 40 minutes at 2.6 -2.8 for 2 sessions.

Last week I went to slide off the couch onto the floor & landed right on my knee that I had surgery on... could I have possibly done something to it?

I have marched a couple of parades & at the beginning I was a little sore, but by the end of the parade I was fine.

Is this swelling/pain normal for 9 weeks post op? I think I will ice & elevate for the next couple of days, but am afraid of atrophy - I just started to build muscle again, don't want to loose my progress..

Any help/answers/advice would be greatly appreciated = I'm at my wits end w/ the surgery & amount of time its taking to recover.
So bad that I've resorted to talking to the birds on my deck - its ok to laugh, I do.!!

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Jun 24, 2009
Reply from Allison
by: Allison

Thank you for your reply to my posting. And also for your get well wishes. We are now 10 weeks post-op. I don't know about you but I expected to be much further along with my recovery by now. I do a lot of walking and biking right now but I've cut all squating and extension movements out of my rehab. routine in order to reduce the swelling and pain in my knee. The swelling has gone down significantly so it is evident that the bump on the front of my knee is scar tissue. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and we've decided to do another "minor" surgery on July 7th to "release" the scar tissue. While he's in there he'll make sure everything else is O.K.
I've been very depressed about my slow recovery, my inability to do the things I love, and the pain I have (especially at night). I haven't slept through the night since my injury on March 28th. I'm sure you are similarly frustrated. You are not alone! If you are interested in the results of the second surgery or if you just need someone in a similar situation to talk to you can e-mail me at
Best of luck to you!

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