Question - Torn ACL (hockey goaltender)

by Robin
(Fort Frances, ON Canada)

Hello I just happend to find your site via google. Thanks for all the info.

My 17 year old daughter has a torn acl (MRI inconclusive if partially torn or fully torn). She is a goaltender for her high school hockey team and will miss the season.

We live in a rural area where we have a surgeon that visits here about once a month. Would she be better going to a sports clinic to have this done or is ACL reconstruction done the same way by most surgeons, it would be nice to have a surgeon with knowledge of goaltending? Our goal is to have support and guidance with hopes that she can return to the ice next season. Do you know of or have a rehabilition program post op that will get her to her goal?


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Mar 30, 2011
by: Melissa

I'm also a goaltender for hockey. I play on a national bound hockey team during off season and play year round. Half way through the season a girl on my tem fell on me tearing my ACL & MCL im hoping to work very very hard in PT and be back on the ice on september i just got my surgery a week ago and my leg pain isnt to bad. I can bend it to about 110 degrees and can almost extend to 5 degrees.

Apr 28, 2009
Me too
by: Mark

I am also a goalie, 38 years old and 9 weeks post-op from ACL reconstruction/meniscus tears/partial MCL and LCL tears. Tore them playing soccer as well. With a patellar tendon graft and aggressive PT, my doc/PT have got me running 2 miles on the treadmill and light skating. Planned ruturn to the ice by the end of June (i.e 3-4 months post op.)

You young people probably heal faster than me, but with a good doc, an aggressive rehab protocol, and a VERY good PT, there is no reason you can't be back on the ice in 4 months if you put in the work.

Good luck!

Feb 10, 2009
by: Kurtis

I am an ice hockey goaltender as well, 24 years old, and will have my ACL reconstructed after a complete tear I suffered in soccer. I am an acrobatic regular handed goalie and my right knee is critical in my playing style. Since we are going through the same thing, I'd like some info from you on rehabilitation and performance for your daughter after the surgery. Thanks!


Dec 14, 2008
surgeon choice
by: Bart - SII

While an ACL reconstruction is similar in technique across the board, I am a firm believer in choosing a surgeon who has experience and success the specific procedures. For instance, I have worked with numerous different orthopedic doctors, and the one I would choose to reconstruct my ACL would be different from the one I would choose to repair my rotator cuff. Orthos usually find a special area that they enjoy and are good at and they excel in that body part. So, with that said, if your visiting ortho has experience and success in ACL reconstructions and working with athletes (not necessarily hockey specific but athletes in general) then they would be a good choice. Otherwise, you may want to explore options for other surgeons with experience in this area. The best choice, in my opinion would be a pediatric orthopedic sports medicine surgeon - but this specialty is sometimes hard to find outside of major metropolitan areas.

As far as the rehab, it goes along the same lines...choosing clinicians who have experience working with ACL reconstructions and athletes. This can sometimes be even harder to find.

I do not currently have an ACL program available on the site, although there are some exercises. I am in the process of putting together such a program, but it likely won't be available on the site until early in 2009.


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