Question - Wrist Injury

by Angie
(Sydney, Australia)

I fell on my hand 7 months ago and had an arthroscopy on my wrist two months later. At the time, my doctor told me that it would take 3 - 4 months for my wrist to get better (pain free but quite likely with limited movement).

Now, 5 months on (and lots of specific exercises, rest etc.), my wrist is still very sore (even when I barely use it), range of motion is about 2/3 previously.

Last week, without explanation, I had a cortisone injection and am back to wearing wrist splint and complete immobilization (in other words: I am back to where I was 5 - 6 months ago).

Obviously, my injury is now chronic and I don't know what to do anymore (and neither does the doctor seem to know or care).

I've lost all hope that I will recover and be able to work (as a personal trainer).

Is there anything that I can try that might help? Is there any chance of recovery (even if it means limited range of motion)?

Thank you.

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Mar 17, 2008
Have you seen a specialist?
by: Bart - SII

My first thought is that you might benefit from seeing a hand specialist. The hand and wrist are extremely complicated areas of the body, and many times general orthopedists are not as skilled as someone who specializes in the hand.

What kind of damage did you have in your wrist that warranted the arthroscopy?

Your range of motion loss may be due to a loss of the accessory motions of the carpal bones. These wrist bones all need to be able to slide and glide against each other as you move your wrist. If they don't move, then they compress against each other and this causes pain.

A physical therapist, occupational therapist, or athletic trainer (especially those that specialize in the hand and wrist) can evaluate your carpal row mobility and may be able to provide some treatment to free them up. Joint mobilization is probably a necessity for you to improve your motion and decrease your pain.

I hope this helps - please comment back with other questions.

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