The Big 4 For Runners - New Balance, Saucony, Adidas, Asics

by Bart

I am not a big runner, but I do treat a lot of runners. And the vast majority, that do not have problems related to their shoes, tell me that they wear one of the "Big 4" when they run. New Balance, Saucony, Adidas, or Asics.

When you have ultra-marathoners, high school cross country kids, and recreational runners as patients, and 95% of them recommend one of these brands, it stands to reason that they are probably worth looking at.

I personally wear New Balance athletic shoes. They, to me, provide the most support, and have several different styles and models to choose from, depending on your foot type. And that is the most important thing about choosing athletic shoes. Finding shoes that match your feet.

I used to wear Nike's...mostly because of their marketing efforts. But after the stress fracture incident, I changed over and have never looked back.

I am happy with my New Balance shoes, but again, any of the other "Big 4" seem to have support from the masses.

And that is what I tell my patients when they want to know about what brand of shoe to buy.

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