Torn ACL & broken kneecap

by Tricia
(Springfield, PA)

My boyfriend torn his ACL and 6 weeks after ACL repair with his own ligament, he broke his kneecap. The doctor had put the screw in backwords we found out later, and after he broke his kneecap, the doctor didn't set it, he put it in an immobilzer cast. The kneecap healed wrong, and doesn't slide in and out correctly because of this. He had surgery to repair the ACL correctly, and also another surgery to remove excess scar tissue and cartilidge. After all that, he was still in pain, so a new doctor did a complete knee replacement. He was still in pain, mostly on the side of his knee, and the kneecap itself. They did another surgery to scrape the kneecap underneath, to try to flatten it out and make it move normally. But he still is in severe pain all the time, and it is constantly swollen. Now his other knee is sore, probably from taking up the slack from his bad leg.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how this can be fixed? He can't sleep at nite more than a couple of hours at a time, pain pills don't take away the severe pain, and he can only walk a few steps without sharp pains and almost falling over.

Please help.

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Mar 16, 2010
it will take time
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to hear about his misfortunes.

I had acl surgery at the end of November. I starting walking without crutches about two months ago.

I can relate to the pain on his good side and pain at night. I still experience it some degree now. The pain on the good side will go away when he starts walking more with his surgery leg. I believe most of the pain I experienced on my surgery leg is the result of scar tissue.

I am not a doctor but I think most of his pain and discomfort will go away with healing time.

I wish ya'll the best

May 31, 2011
Pain in the BUTT
by: Jared

I tore my ACL playing football and two months after ACL surgery slipped on ice and shattered my knee cap. One doctor I met with suggested I do a full knee replacement but after speaking with a few other athletes, I decided to just repair the knee cap. But, I do understand the pain and the loss of sleep. A year after my knee cap surgery, I was still in lots of pain and was always uncomfortable. I then ended up meeting with a surgeon who was able to remove some of the metal that they had used to fuse my knee cap back together. After that surgery, I was still in lots of pain but was told that I needed to walk/run (be active) as much as possible and that somehow that would help reduce the pain. For whatever reason, the more I walked/ran, the better my knee began to feel. I can't obviously say it would be the same since you went through the full knee replacement but I would suggest trying to do as much running/walking as possible. It is not pleasant at first but after a while it may start to feel better. Good luck with your recovery.

Oct 10, 2011
ACL Reco.... Going really good...
by: Anonymous

I had my right ACL reconstructed exactly two weeks ago. And yes the pain was pretty sore the first couple of days, but not bad enough for me to take pain killers... I really believe that the quicker you get up and walk on it the better the swelling and pain goes down. I went to the physio today and I am able to walk without crutches completely... My other belief is that the surgeon that you have doing it is a very big contributing factor... Because I spoke to 3 different surgeons and they all had a different way of doing the op... And the 3rd surgeon was recommended to me by my physio... So he was who I chose. And I see other people go to the same physio as me and saw the other 2 surgeons and they had there's done about two months ago and are still on crutches.... Anyways peoples... That is just my opinion.... Peace and I hope all you guys are recovering to your fullest....

Nov 23, 2011
it'll get better.
by: Anthony Hoyler

I've been hurt too many times due to a bone disease I have call osteogenisis imperfecta. The best thing I found out that WORKS is after an injury your extremity will always feel in pain... The best thing to do to relieve or get rid of the pain is to work out the muscle that was torn or the injury. It's gunna suck... But after about 3 weeks of doing it it should help a lot.. just remember to apply heat after the workout than ice it for about 20 minutes or more... I hope this helps.

Nov 28, 2011
Knee Surgery
by: Ann


I hope this helps anyone who is wondering about a torn ACL. I tore both my left and my right ACL. I was wondering if I would ever run again. Yes, I am not only running but I am much faster then before.

The key to recovering from an ACL injury is 1st get a doctor that knows what he is doing.(research talk to people)

2nd is rehab, rehab, rehab...and do not be in a rush to get back because you will not benefit from rushing back too soon.

3rd. Once you are finished with the therapist continue rehabing on your own. Whatever you not stop no matter how good it feels. You do not want any set backs.

I was 37 when I tore the first knee up and 38 when I tore the second knee up. I end up breaking record after record playing women's professional football as a running back. Not to mention I could out run everyone on the team and most of the league. So trust me when I say that these simple steps work....they really do.

I wish everyone speedy recoveries and it will get better just take your time.

Oct 09, 2015
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by: Sond

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