What causes severe cramping in the toes?

by Karen
(Merritt Island, FL)

Hi Bart!

Thanks for your kind comments about my rotator cuff tear story. I really am doing well.

I had something happen to me yesterday that was very odd, but quite painful too. I was sitting in a chair with my feet up on a stool and all of a sudden the middle toe of my right foot cramped up, pushing the "knuckle" down instead of it being curved over and also sideways to the right. It had a mind of its own going under my second toe from the right. It felt like a "charley horse" in my toe, so I pulled all my toes up then pushed them all down, then massaged my toes and foot all over.

It felt a little better but once I let go, it went back to as bad as it started. Finally, after about 10-15 minutes it went away.

Then a few minutes later, the same thing happened on my left side. I proceeded for the next hour or so with the cramping and pain switching from one foot to the other. I could walk, but only with limping.

It was mysteriously gone in a few hours and hasn't come back. What causes such an odd thing? Should I run this by my orthopedic doctor?

Thanks much....this is a great site!


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Jul 31, 2016
It happen to me tonight. NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi How are you? I actually just looked this question up, because after I took a long nap. I woke up, and went to put on socks I notice a cramp in right foot, and I couldn't move my toes for a few seconds. I was scared, and then I prayed. I walked around, and I was able to move the toes. I don't know much about: Dystoni, but somebody else on here mention it on here. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dystonia/symptoms-causes/dxc-20163695 I'm not saying you do or don't have dystonia. I've 18p minus syndrome, and my neck shakes involuntary "No" sometimes. The neurologist thinks it's begin tremors. Here's more information on 18p minus syndrome http://www.chromosome18.org/18p/

Here's some information on dystonia. http://www.neurology-asia.org/articles/neuroasia-2015-20%283%29-287.pdf I'm not saying I've dystonia either. However, I do have 18p minus syndrome.

Remember Jesus loves you. Jesus Saves. Feel free to check out http://www.chick.com/information/general/salvation.asp

Jul 16, 2016
Toes cramps and kidney disease NEW
by: Anonymous

I have nethrotic syndrome and my toes on my left foot keep cramping it's really painful should I be worried?

Jul 08, 2016
Gout? NEW
by: Anonymous

Late but worth mentioning: I'm a nurse and the location (big toe), the fact that it switches side to side, comes in attacks, is incredibly painful, and that this is a sports site so I'm guessing you eat a lot of protein (am I right?) ....you should get your uric acid levels tested if not done so already. Gout is causes by high uric acid levels. Even if the problem resolved with no medical help, gout can come and go much like arthritis and usually requires treatment prophylactically depending on the patient. Someone else may have said this, I was googling another medical question and came across this and thought I might help if I could. Take care!

Apr 15, 2016
On Cramping of toes NEW
by: Praveenraj27@gmail

I had the middle and third toes of my right foot and also my right calf muscle going their own way last night after a long movie and being horizontal on a recliner in a theatre. I had snacked, had a full glass of 7up too...now am wondering, could it have been the Aspartame in the soft drink? I would have suspected exercise and muscle weakness had I been physically active prior to the episode, but no, that wasn't the case. So I just wanted you folks to monitor if these episodes occur (in you case too) during or after consuming aerated/carbonate drinks. Just to eliminate a possibility friends ;)

Feb 04, 2016
Lavender oil NEW
by: Anonymous

Use lavender oil on your arch and on yout toes. It will relax the area and calm down the spasms.

Nov 19, 2015
low K NEW
by: you need potassium

Sudden and sharp cramps in toes, arch, ankle? You'll have to get your Dr to order lab work to check your potassium & magnesium levels. Dr will also look for WHY you're low.
Don't self dose! Potassium affects the heart too, and Dr will monitor your levels.

Nov 17, 2015
Cramps NEW
by: Anonymous

I get really bad arch and toe cramps. I have found making myself walk on it, taking a BC powder and drinking pickle juice help quickly. Don't judge, try it.

May 20, 2015
not just toes but arch as well NEW
by: Anonymous

I have gotten toe cramps (only in the right leg) as long as I can remember. Whether normal everyday events, standing, sitting, etc., even while swimming! But for me, it also involves a cramp in my arch too. My toes feel like they're involuntarily splitting wide apart while my arch wants to bend upward. The only remedy I've found to counteract it (not preventing it) is to place all my weight on my toes while squatting down. (Tiptoed in a crouched position). The worst part is when it happens while sleeping, I waken immediately and jump to the floor to get into this position. It goes away after about 15 minutes. Bananas, aspirin, excess water, all the suggested remedies never decreased the frequency of these cramps. I rarely get leg cramps, I might add.

Apr 23, 2015
Neuroma NEW
by: Anonymous

I had this happen five years ago. Finally went to the podiatrist and he said it was a neuroma. He gave me a cortisone injection. The went away for about 4 years. It just recently came back. Went again and I'm better. Google neuroma to see it exactly.

Jan 11, 2015
Aspartame Toe Cramps (charley horses) NEW
by: Anonymous

Aspartame is a toxin that produces severe cramping in toes. It's in most chewing gums, manufactured low or zero calorie drinks and foods. And, it's FDA approved because, 35 years ago, Rumsfeld convinced Reagan that Reagan owed him a favor. Rumsfeld was out to prove, as CEO of GD Searle, that he could turn the failing company around. The lab tests that revealed that aspartame produced tumors were thrown out and dismissed. If you don't believe it, look it up in the newspapers and periodicals of the 70's and 80's.

Dec 06, 2014
Hopeful NEW
by: Anonymous

Great site & so happy to read the wide variety of possible (I'm ready to try anything! EVEN A BAR OF SOAP!) remedies. I've had them off & on for a few months, always at work, standing on concrete, 12 hr shifts...its also beginning to affect my fingers. (embarrassing! obviously an excruciating pain they've never felt. Dif shoes, LOTS of water, banana everyday, & toe & foot stretches, no luck. Always my right foot & middle toes & always when standing. 2012 joint replacement in right big toe. Almost a regretful surgery. currently i no longer walk the same, toes have changed shape & comfortable shoes? next to impossible! & now SEVERE cramping..toes have a mind of there own! Today, 3 times in a store (shoe came off! but still couldn't walk. tonight, 3 more times! i put pressure on it, soon as i let go it was back. Tried walking it off, no luck. So afraid to move my toes at all. Going to try supplements & more nutribullet recipes for nutrient deficiencies. Due to several surgeries im now unable to digest fresh fruits, veggies & now extending into most food groups. Going to give the suggested remedies a shot..with lots of HOPE! i also experience redness on the left & right side & a circle on the top of same foot, the rest of that foot is pure white & numb for hrs after. Has anyone had this experience? Best of luck to all! I'll be back, to hopefully update my SUCCESS :)

Nov 21, 2014
crazy toes NEW
by: Bexy

My second toe on my right foot started to bend way to the right almost as if it was reaching out for a high give not too long after I fell 25 feet and broke my pelvis and tailbone so I thought it was my tendon slipping over the bone, or it had something to do with the severe nerve damage I sustained, but my doc dismissed it like I was crazy (hate my doc). In any case, glad to hear I am not:) and shall try a few of these tricks and elixirs. I'm also told water instead of coffee and booze helps.

Oct 30, 2014
Owww NEW
by: Clover

I'm 13, just got back from bike riding in the cold withy friends. I kept falling behind, I noticed, but that's unusual because I'm either in the front or in the group. I started wheezing (I have severe breathing problems from a chest surgery, when my chest was sinking in). I came inside, and laid onto my bed and closedy eyes to rest a bit. My ears began to hear up, they're burning horribly from the thawing. The wheezing isn't getting any better. But suddenly I felt a pain in my foot- these are common, usually go away after 30s or less. I sat up, and massaged my foot like usual. My big toe curved under my other toes, and it's numb. I tried to move or stand on it but it's sending tears to my eyes. I have a high pain tolerance from the two surgeries Ive had, and more injuries; so when I cry over pain, it's got to be bad. Any help??

Aug 28, 2014
Same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I get major cramps in my right middle toe. It looks and feels as if it popped out of place. All of a sudden it feels like the middle toe is completely overlapping the next toe (which is very painful) this happens often and last night it happened again but the worst ever. You could see my bone was out of place and all I was doing was sitting down. Can anyone help? I shouldn't give this out but please if you have answers email me at Alasser1717@gmail.com thanks!

Aug 07, 2014
Toe cramping NEW
by: Anonymous

I also suffer from severe toe cramping. And also cramping on top of my foot which is excruciating. Like everyone else has said, my toes have a mind of their own and move sideways and under.its very painful and no amt of massaging will help.
My doctor told me some years ago to drink a teaspoon of bi carb soda regularly.
This I find works immediately. The cramping becomes daily and can last up to an hour. Driving, sitting, reaching into cupboards are all things that trigger it. Basically any movement that bends my toes forward. If I drink the bi carb whilst my toes are cramping the cramping always subsides within about 5-7 minutes and doesn't return for a few weeks.
The only problem is it tastes disgusting. But what I use now are the bi carb of sodium capsules. When I start cramping I take 2-3 capsules and I am good for about a month.

Jul 30, 2014
Aspartame in chewing gum and diet stuff NEW
by: Anonymous

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. It's in most chewing gum, even gum with sugar. (check ingredients). It's usually in low/zero calorie drinks/foods. Aspartame causes muscle cramps in toes, feet, calves. It might be the aspartate (isolated amino acid) that does it, because some protein powders cause severe cramping in toes also. Quit consuming it and feel the difference. In one month you can point your toes again w/o worrying.

Jul 13, 2014
Ditto Karen's post NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same exact toe-cramping as Karen but I didn't see a reply to her post.

May 24, 2014
Severe toes & foot & leg pain NEW
by: Lydia

I have been having severs toe,foot, legs cramping, pain that lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours etc. what could be causing this. I can't walk, stand OR stand on
Please. Help...? I am 61 yrs old and keeps happening

May 23, 2014
cramps NEW
by: Les.

Go to Google and type in Dystonia.


May 20, 2014
by: JT

I have had leg cramps lately, so my doctor suggested
taking 250 mg. magnesium and 1/4 cup Tonic Water at night. It has helped tremendously.

May 20, 2014
by: JT

I have had leg cramps lately, so my doctor suggested
taking 250 mg. magnesium and 1/4 cup Tonic Water at night. It has helped tremendously.

Apr 10, 2014
Lots of good info! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks all for the input - good to know I'm not alone with these cramps!

And to "miracle healing" - WTF?! Fruit Loops for breakfast or something?!

Apr 10, 2014
Lots of good info! NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks all for the input - good to know I'm not alone with these cramps!

And to "miracle healing" - WTF?! Fruit Loops for breakfast or something?!

Mar 23, 2014
toes episode NEW
by: Nico

i call it my toes episodes, it's ridiculuous 'cause it did not happen once and this episode sometime happen in important occassion, like i was hosting an event as MC then the episode came, next time, i was driving my trucks in highway, manual transmission, you know how important left foot in that situation, days goes by i learned its all about dehydration, keep yourself enough fluids, enough rest, breathe and dont punch or massage you foot too hard, in cramping too hard pressure can tear your muscle (i've been told that way -_-).
I also keep my palmfoot against the wall to prevent it being curled. Hope anyone get well !!

Jan 19, 2014
Leg and Foot cramps NEW
by: KatieAnonymous

I am 60 years old and have had leg and foot cramps for 1 year. I am very active with working out and it doesn't matter if I stretch before and after exercise. The cramps come mostly at night and I wake up from a dead sleep. I started taking Magnesium 400 mg per day and it helped for 2 weeks and stopped. But my friend gave me a tube of Magnesium gel that works instantly and she bought the gel at a health food store. I juice a lemon almost daily. I wish there was a cure for everyone afflicted with this miserable problem. Whole Foods website has a lot of good info on foods that help and deficiencies.

Aug 07, 2013
cure for toe cramps NEW
by: Anonymous

I have tried most of the online suggestions to relieve toe cramps, and taking a magnesium supplement ( magnesium citrate without any calcium) every day helps. Also, believe it or not putting a soap bar under the sheet at the bottom of the bed works. And for severe cramps quinine water. I worked a job once where I had to stand in one place for more that 8 hours a day & had severe cramps each night. I went to Whole Foods and bought a 6 pack of natural quinine water & drank 1 bottle in the middle of the night and it brings relief. I would not do this all the time because I am not sure about safety of quinine long term, but for extreme cases & fast relief it works. I have read that drinking pickle juice out of the jar will stop cramps too.

Hope this helps!

May 02, 2013
Doctor? NEW
by: Billie

I experience those exact problems!
just today i wash stood washing up and my 2nd toe forced down and then stuck up, this has happened several times. i grabbed my foot and 'scrunched up' my toe, it seems if i hold my foot tight the pain eases slightly.
without exagerating it has to be one of the most painful experiences i've had, and i have a high threshold for pain! considering visiting the doc tomorrow for advice. will let you know what he says to see if it can help any of you.

Apr 30, 2013
Toe cramp relief that works NEW
by: Kim

I am 36 & have been getting occasional toes cramps 4 about 9 yrs now. It is quite painful & I can literally watch my toes draw downward. When it happens I stick my foot n the tub & get water as warm or hot as I can tolerate & let it run on my foot/toes. About a minute, 2 minutes tops is all it ever takes & it relaxes & completely goes away. Absolutely works!!!

Apr 18, 2013
feet and toe cramps NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad to see it happens to others,have tried everyting,going to try the soap in bed.And other remedies mentioned.thanks feel better about it

Mar 17, 2013
Toe curl and cramp relief NEW
by: Visibleman

I've had this problem for years. FINALLY figured out a cure or at least immediate relief. Use to last at least 15 or 20 minutes to an hour of excruciating pain with toes curled upward and cramping in the front of my legs. General cause: lack of minerals and electrolytes. SOLUTION: Homemade gatorade: lemon juice (fresh or reconstituted)with a bit of sea salt and water. Mix it with some celery juice if you can. or even drink gatorade if available even though it has sugar, etc. For prevention drink before you go to bed. I usually get mine mostly at night. Try to drink lemon water regularly to alkalize your body. Get a juicer and drink carrot, red bell pepper, cucumber, celery juice mix. Eat less grains like whole wheat bread, etc. unless it's sourdough bread and desserts.

Jan 26, 2013
Leg& foot pain
by: Anonymous

I have been dealing with this for years, when I move my toes certain ways I get a bad foot cramp like a charlie horse. when I'm lying in my bed and I stretch my legs I get a bad Charlie horse in my leg and up the inside of my thigh. I found that when I immediately stand up and walk on the pain while stretching my toes out, it goes away usually in a couple of seconds.The back of my legs all the way up to my buttocks are constantly sore & my hips & thighs are very sore too when I try to stand. This has been happening since age 45 or a little younger and I will be 50 in march. What is that all about. I also have masses amounts of water retention that seems to get worse over the years adding over 50lbs to my body weight.

Nov 22, 2012
Help, foot pain
by: Anonymous

Hey guys...i was just sitting down the other day and i only moved my foot and a sudden searing pain went into it and i couldnt feel my middle toes anymore...it felt like it had clicked out but it wasnt dislocated. I tried massaging it back but it just hurts more every time i move it. It went away after about 5 minutes. This has happened to me quite a bit recently and im wondering what it might be.
Sorry to hear about what youve been through, all of you

Oct 02, 2012
cure for toe cramping
by: anita

i am now 71 yrs old. at 65 i started getting toe cramps and tried EVERYTHING everyone has listed here.
heres what ive learned and for me it meant NO MORE CRAMPS.

my PT (physical therapist) told me to use manicure softies for when u polish your toenails for about 10 minutes each nite before bedtime to stretch the toes. that was 6 months ago... no more toe cramps. halleajah!!!!!!

cheap and easy fix. hope it works the same for you.

Sep 24, 2012
Toe, calf, arches
by: Anonymous

For like a year now I have been having horrible leg/feet cramps that star in my toes and make them curl up like you said but then it moves to the arches of my feet then my calfs and it will stay like that until I use my hands (in the case of my toes) to uncurl them or if its my legs or feet stretch them. I can't find a way to fix it and although I'm in my teens it's not growing pains or from volleyball because none of my friends get them please help if you have any clue what it is

Sep 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all you replies, I sincerely appreciate it. I apologize for my silence, but I have great news. I had more cramps and 12 seizures last month! I was hospitalised, and had an MRI, 2 EEG done, I was cleared of both. However, my mother took a rather good video of one of my 3 minutes seizure and showed it to the doctors. After almost 3 weeks at the hospital with tests, and reviewing the video, I was diagnosed epileptic. I was given Epilim, since tests was done and I am allergic to carbamazepine. I've been taking the medicine, by the 2nd day, the cramps have completely stopped! Not even a flicker! When I asked the doctors, why leg cramps, and why it's tied to my seizure, they said that it was the nerves, and just like some people get "auras", etc, my leg cramps are a "warning" sign that a seizure is coming.
Again, thank you for all your replies, you make me feel unabandoned and very grateful, thank you!
Sincerely, Ana.

Sep 15, 2012
miracle healing
by: Anonymous

The person who has written about seize problem and clams please sorry to hear about your suffering I had the same problem but I am a strong believer that God still can bring this problems to an end. its a maize me how God has given Dr s knowledge though their had work. and together with that God has given his servants healing gifts. there still in operation as the days when Jesus Christ was on earth. I got prayed for and God in his Power healed me. Do you have sky.? go to christian channels/religion and watch pastor Chris Christ embassy under Love world program me listen to him and their school of healing you will see people healed by the power of God too. and if you believe it go for it.

Aug 21, 2012
Morton's neuroma
by: Anonymous

So if I spelled the name wrong but it sounds like you have Morton's neuroma it is we're there isn't enough muscle between your toes I'm pretty sure so your toes will cling to each other as to use the same muscle it starts with what you explained and eventually it gets worse to we're you have to stomp your foot very hard to make it go away and it can last for awhile only way to treat it is to buy special insoles that cost a lot of moneymy facts might not be 100% correct I would look it up or talk to a foot doctor hope I could help

Aug 09, 2012
Life Wrecking Cramps/seizures.
by: Ana F

I have just turned 32 few days ago. That was when I had another seizure after I got a cramp in my right thigh. It started since I was around 21 years old. My toes from my left foot would form into a tight ball when cramping. No amount of stretching, standing on the affected foot, heat pad, nothing works. It cramps when I walk, sit, and worse when I was fast asleep. It does not stop there. After the cramping of my toes, I would get into a full-body seizure. I am not epileptic, and I only had seizure from the cramps. I have had MRI, EEG or ECG done, nothing was found to be wrong with me. Yet, I still get the cramps in my left foot, and it subsided to twitches but like last week, a cramp in my right thigh (which was unusual) and another full-body seizure. I do not claim to know that I was in a seizure, my mother saw the whole episode. Most times when I seize, I lose control of my bladder, may bite the insides of my mouth. When I come to, my memory is a bit off, at times I didn't even recall having a seizure. Then the days of aching is whole body but most in the legs. I am beyond frustrated. I have been kicked out of school for missing the 75% attendance and I haven't had a job in a while. Now, I haven't gone out since 2010, because my left foot is sensitive to eveything~! Footwear could trigger a cramp, and I don't even want to contemplate the seizure that comes with it. I am even thinking of breaking my left toes or opting for removal of use of my legs.
I have taken supplements, pottassium, calcium, quinine, I have done stretches, yoga, I have tried almost everything. I am almost certain there is no cure. I am just wondering is amputation worth a shot.

Aug 03, 2012
Cure for cramps
by: Rose White

Lots of strange muscle cramps and paralysises are due to the fact that our diet is deficient in certain basic elemeents or because our stomach's bacteria can't process the food to extract the vitamins and minerals of what we eat.
In t elower intestine the bacteria is supposed ot help extract the goodness and pass it into the blood stream to be processed by the liver into the thousands of different compounds necessary for all the different parts of our bodies.
One essential is vitamin B12 which helps maintain the myelin coating round the nerves which carry the electrical impulses from the brains ot the muscles.
if this insulation breaks down the electric short circuits and the message doesn't get through and the muscles cannot work or works wrong to give a spasm.
Eat vit B12 to repair the insulation and he problem stops.
Maybe eating too much of a certain food or too much cooffee, tea or alcohol upsets the bacteria and brings on low level deficiency that give occasional cramps while a bad stomach bug with dairrhoea and vommitting will starve the stomach of the esential nutriens and cause serious cramping such as Guillian Barre, etc.
This website seems to explain it best:


Jul 29, 2012
what is causing my mom leg cramps
by: anonymous

I would really love to know why every time my mom works a lot during the day.She gets really bad pain on her upper leg. And i know it's painful because she screams and cryies with pain...she is a little over wait..i don't know what's causing it...if someone can help please...the only thing that seems to help is when we boil water..and soak a clothe on hot water and place the clothe on her leg..it takes a while for the cramp to go....

Jul 18, 2012
Not Soap..
by: Anonymous

Um soap cleans your exterior, has nothing to do with your muscles...I agree with a lack of Potassium being the culprit.

Jul 18, 2012
Not Soap..
by: Anonymous

Um soap cleans your exterior, has nothing to do with your muscles...I agree with a lack of Potassium being the culprit.

Jul 12, 2012
toe cramping is ruining my life!!! SERIOUSLY!
by: kay

Ive been a hair stylist for 15 years now and in the past year the cramping in my toes have gotten worse. It started when I was only 15 however, now that I'm in my thirtys it has been at an all time high. There are times that I have to excuse myself from my client and run in the back to do some stretches all the while I'm holding back tears. I know it sounds crazy! I have one pair of shoes that I can wear to work which are sketchers but the mere thought of having a cramp and not being able to get my shoe off fast enough scares me. YES, its that bad. I can't walk long distances without looking like a fool because I costnstantly feel the urge to exercise my feet. It hurts so bad! Tonight I will try the soap thing! Hope it works.

Jul 06, 2012
charlie horse in toes!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I got that same pain (charlie horse in toes) a year or two ago and talked to my primary care doctor and he didn't know. Then one day I watched the movie 'Panic Room' and a girl was diabetes and needed insulin and her toes curled and cramped up. So, I talked to my endocrinologist (who is brilliant- Dr. Sally Pinkstaff) and she said I was taking to much diuretics. When she changed my prescription, the problem stops.

Jul 03, 2012
Ways to stop cramping in toes & other muscles.
by: Anonymous

This just happened to me while picking up my niece. My big toe started to spasm, pointing straight up. Fortunately my niece had some vinegar in the car. I poured a tablespoon of the vinegar into 32 ounces of water and drank the mixture. Within a couple of minutes the spasm subsided. I also find taking potassium and drinking tonic water helps.

Jun 04, 2012
Instant cure
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comment about V-8 Juice. I will definitely try it.
Here's an instant cure for when it happens. For years I just massaged my toes, bore the pain and told myself it would pass, but then I read that simply walking on the floor barefoot made it go away instantly. Unbelievable. Works like a charm. Something about how the muscles have to move.

Another observation about caffeine: for the last week or so I've had to stay off caffeine for other reasons and have noticed the cramping was gone. Today I went back on and wouldn't you know it, had a cramp? Clearly a connection. Boo-hoo. I do love my coffee.

Jun 04, 2012


Apr 30, 2012
Fixed my charlie-horses
by: Anonymous

I get horrible charlie-horses when using Dyazide. However, I found a solution; one eight ounce glass of V-8 tomato juice each night completely solved the problem. Haven't had one since. The heart people claim that V-8 solves all-things-potassium related. Seems to be right.

Mar 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've had this type of cramping off and on for years. Doctor says it is due to low level of potassium. Eating more tomatoes and bananas? is what he suggested. When I get such a cramp I flex or pull my toe towards me and it helps a lot.

Mar 13, 2012
I've been suffering 2
by: Venita from Carolinas

for the last couple of month I've been suffering with cramps in my right toe and my right leg,and I can't understand why it don't happen in my left toe or leg. I went to a foot doctor and he gave me an injection in my toes that helped for a while but it came back so he decided to put me on some flexiril 20 mg and that helped for a minute. Now its back again.So now I've been using "Dove Soap" Now I haven't had a cramps since January of this year. Thank God for soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 27, 2012
Toe and finger cramps
by: Anonymous

The other night my right index finger on my right hand bent down and straight and I couldn't move it. It really scared me and hurt me.I could move it with my other hand, but then it would revert back to being bent down and straight. A few minutes later it went away. Then my left middle toe stood straight up and hurt like hell. My husband thought I was goofing around but after inspecting my toes, he saw that I couldn't do that myself. Well, it went away after a few minutes and then the first toe on the right foot moved sideways and stayed like that. Hurt like hell again. Started me thinking about horrible diseases like Huntington's or Lou Gehrig's disease. I drink plenty of water daily. I just started taking vitamins because I don't eat enough fruits and veggies. I have this happen every so often. It hits my fingers hard. Different fingers each time. Also, sometimes when I yawn, I get a charley horse in my jaw, right underneath my jawbone. I can feel the lump. Boy does that ever hurt. I have to rub the lump to make it go away but if I yawn again, I get another charley horse. You can actually see the ball of muscle cramped under my jaw. I'm afraid it's some horrible disease just starting.

Dec 07, 2011
Bar Soap
by: Anonymous

Audrey - my mother suffered from leg and foot cramps. Somewhere she heard of putting a bar of soap under her bottom bed sheet. It worked for her. She kept soap under her sheet for years. .....which makes me wonder why I am currently searching the internet for a solution to my foot cramps. :) I'll go get a bar of soap. Thank you for the reminder.

Oct 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi Audrey, I suffer with terrible cramps in my toes and fingers, I am going to try the soap tonight and let you know how it works,

Oct 14, 2011
I am and Massage Therapist, I offer some insight.
by: Miranda

ok, I just got a new reclining sofa and chair. My aunt upon sitting in the chair withing an hour had this toe cramp where the toe moves sideways and then a few more hours later in her other foot the same thing.

I am a licensed massage therapist and this is what I think. It has something to to with the way the foot is positioned. Most of you mentioned the foot being elevated either while on the couch or in a recliner. If you pay attention to where the leg is at rest you will see that the pressure of the chair is on you plantarflexion muscles. In other words the muscles that are responsible for pointing your toes. If your muscles are fatigued in anyway the pressure is a catalyst for a cramp.

It is very important that we all drink the recommended amount of water every day. Also the supplements we lack in our diet as well. Whatever you doctor recommends dosage wise. Let him know your concerns and your dosage and he will advise you if it is adequate or not.

And walking it out is essential. The muscle when it goes into a cramp means that the muscle is contracted... bearing wait and walking will make the muscle resume its normal function.

Also STRETCHING on a regular basis is very important. Stretching makes the muscle contract and relax and will help work out any build up in the muscle. This works for any area in the body that you feel you have tightness or stress!

Hope this helps! and you can find videos on youtube for stretches!

message me at morandamo@yahoo.com if you have any other questions...

Sep 03, 2011
Amazing bodies need ....
by: Carol

Thanks everyone for sharing
Your experiences...I have had horrible
Pain like you all and from my research
I have found out that magnesium causes our muscles to relax and calcium causes them to contract. Our complex system needs the right balance of calcium,magnesium &potassium.
google Dr. Carolyn Dean has excellent explanations of our Mg deficintcy in her book. I am 62 and have found that if I get 8 hours of sleep, keep hydrated ( living in FL we battle this)
Eat out of our garden...and take Mg,Ca, I do not suffer.
Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate...soak your feet and you will assorb.the Mg. Please read Dr. Dean's book...there is a reason why so many of us lack Mg in our bodies. .100years
Ago our food provided 500mg daily...our soil today does not provide what we need ..she studied this issue for 5 yrs.

Aug 10, 2011
instant cure
by: Anonymous

there are no instant cures but for temporary and maybe! a little long term help try acupuncture, there are many methods and different spots to indirectly effect cramps. the electric flow and heating on spots along my spinal cord/back seems to have effects for me personally.

i have to say that i played sports and climbed mountains for half my life, there have been some man-made cramps on my toes/etc. Having cramps on both feet is not fun but try driving a stick shift, lucky it was the freeway but even on the freeway it looked as if i was speeding up and then slowing down trying to stretch myself out without wanting to kick the gas pedal. But I noticed, couple things....

1. cold weather before bed time especially
2. cold weather and then attempts to walk barefoot
3. in natural river where it is cold and i step on a bad shaped rock, it seems to trigger my old injuries.
4. don't exercise enough/warmup enough then attempting something far too strenuous
5. don't drink enough negative charged water
6. sauna and steam seems to help but one dive into a cold river and stepping on the wrong rock will set you back entirely I might add
7. too much UV and riding on motorcycle - vibration and uv damage to internal
8. try to rotate the toes in circular motions very slowly, then try to see where you can twist it till there is acute pain, then you can try again later the week to see if the range of motion has decreased or increased

Aug 08, 2011
Our feet holds our bodies, they do take a beat.
by: Jo

please consider all the med doctors are so good at writing rx's (consider your kidneys and other organs) for every thing that is unconfortable or conditions that become intense. The toes cramping is so painful that you want immediate relief. I find that standing on my feet pushing down stretching the muscles and nerves, helps control the pain, however, more so I find that if keep my feet warm (it's 105 today) especially if apply some vicks and socks it almost instant relief. But, I would like to know the cause?

Jul 30, 2011
cramps in my toes
by: Anonymous

Hi, when im lying down on the sofa with my feet up sometimes i get cramps in my toes, can you tell me what's causeing these cramps pls.


Jul 20, 2011
Toe Cramps
by: Michelle

I have a similar issue with toe cramps. They happen out of the blue, and sometimes after I wear heels. It's very painful and uncomfortable, because they just sort of "seize up" into a weird position, and separate. When I try to pull them back together, it takes much effort and it hurts, but then they just go right back to the same position. It lasts for only a few minutes, which is a blessing.

Jul 20, 2011
Toe Cramps
by: Michelle

I have a similar issue with toe cramps. They happen out of the blue, and sometimes after I wear heels. It's very painful and uncomfortable, because they just sort of "seize up" into a weird position, and separate. When I try to pull them back together, it takes much effort and it hurts, but then they just go right back to the same position. It lasts for only a few minutes, which is a blessing.

Jul 18, 2011
Severe Tow Cramping
by: Anonymous

I get cramps in my toes when I wear heels, but I only wear 2" heels and my shoes are not tight. The cramping will start in my lover legs then proceed to my toes. At times I can use a heat pad and the cramping goes away. Sometimes I can walk it out. But lately the cramps continue and the pain is so bad I can hardly walk. I have been blessed not to have the cramps while I am driving. It could definately cause you to have an accident. When I get to my office, I wear a pair of clogs. Is there anything out there I can use to help rid me of the pain and tow cramping?

Jul 09, 2011
leg & toe cramps
by: hazel

I have had leg and toe cramps for years. I take plnnty of calcium magnesium.None of that works.When you could get QUININE SULFATE THE Doc gave me caps with a prescription.I have been taking that for cramps, it always works. I have worried about what I was going to do when I ran out so I started looking for something else.Hylands Leg Cramps with Quinine that you can fine at any Drug Store gets rid of cramps.QUININE sulfate is a great cramp stopper it do'es stop cramps.

Jun 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have charley horses in my toes, my legs and even in my hips. I have checked out everything it could possibly be and what I have came up with is that it happens every time I eat sugar or at least too much sugar like a regular soda or a candy bar. Anything with a lot of sugar causes these dreadful things. I have tried everything and it seems potassium works better for me than anything but its not instant. I have to suffer for awhile til it goes through my system. By golly, I'm gonna try the soap remedy, surely won't hurt.

Apr 17, 2011
Toe cramps, hunger, and wine
by: Anonymous

I have been getting toe and leg cramps off and on, and the more I've read about them and the more I've looked for a pattern, I realize that it's when I've gone too long without eating. In fact I now notice that as soon as I start feeling terribly hungry, to the point where I even feel weak, my toes inevitably cramp! Also I've noticed that they cramp if I've had a little too much wine over the last few days, even when I think I am drinking enough water and have eaten. So note to self: start taking better care of myself. Drink less and stick to consistent healthy eating habits. I hope this helps someone else...

Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I started getting the toe cramps about 2 years ago (now 53). I tried to look for a pattern and what I found is every time I ate the pre-packaged processed chocolate pudding I would get these extreme toe cramps. Attempting to force the toes straight never worked. I had to get out of bed and walk around and they would finally return to normal. Once this started happening I purchased a bottle of potassium and that did help, but they still continued on a lesser fashion. I then changed my milk (drink it every day, so no lack of magnesium etc etc) to ORGANIC (too many hormones/steroids in standard milk) and that cleared the cramps up COMPLETELY (over a year now). Well, I just had (4/4/2011) one of the worst toe turn under cramps ever on my left foot, and I thought back to what I ate today: Canned Blueberry Pie filling I used for a pie I baked. I believe it is the high content preservatives (or something) used in certain PROCESSED FOODS. Also whenever this happens I start eating green vegetables: collards, turnips, broccolli, asparagus because I DO NOT EAT MY VEGETABLES EVERYDAY! (BTW - asparagus puree is known to cure cancer - google it!) When the cramps act up, think back on what you have eaten for the day. I stopped eating the pre-packaged processed chocolate pudding (love that stuff) and after this bout tonight, I will not be using any canned fruit pie fillings again. Next time those horrible toe cramps visit, reflect back on what you have eaten the last couple days. I still take a potassium pill (99mg) 3 times a week. This is what has worked for me, and it might be worth a try for you.

Mar 22, 2011
stupid toe cramps
by: Anonymous

i go for tonic water, we are lacking minerals, and quenine in the tonic water. seems to help. i never had these so bad till after my chemo treatments.

Mar 16, 2011
toe cramps
by: Anonymous

Hi i did some research and i found that a calcium deficiency may be the cause of my toe cramps. i looked up symptoms of iron deficiency's, and found that muscle cramps were not a symptom of iron deficiency's. so i thought i would look up calcium deficiency's, where i am sensitive to dairy products, and do not take vitamins, also on birth control pill. i found that muscle cramps and spasms were symptoms of a calcium deficiency. so i hope this helps.

Feb 28, 2011
Lisa's Cramp..
by: Audrey

So pleased Lisa that you were prepared to try the soap by your feet, under the sheet. Did it work?

I know it did!

Kind Reards

Feb 12, 2011
the painnn!!!
by: M@B

i'm a 15-yr girl. i've had cramps in my toes and feet ever since i was about 7. i understand why older people sometimes suffer from it but i'm not old!! i get them in the evenings and they can get to point that i cant even walk. i've been close to tears at times. my toes curl up so tight sometimes its hard to straghten them out. i hate bananas so that doesnt help, but i do eat a lot of potataoes which i've been told contain a lot of potassium. i've thought of all kinds of reasons why i get them. anything from the fact i'm sorta flat footed to stress to the idea that i constantly lock my knees(which is my current theory because i do it all the time but i hav yet to pass out because of it). they're on and off. i havnt had any in a while but i kno they'll be back before long. i almost feel handicaped by them. they interfere w/ my life and they hurt...i'm afraid i'll get them while i drive!! that is once i get my liscence. in the past couple of years i think they've gotten steadly worse. i now get cramps in my legs. in these past couple months i've had cramps in my calf muscles that hav woken me up in the middle of the night and those really hurt. how can i go throught life lik this? i'm really wondering if i hav a serious medical condition here. i wish they would just GO AWAYYY!!! i'll try to drink more water and stay hydrated. maybe thats it.

Feb 04, 2011
by: Lisa


Jan 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why people have not even tried putting soap in the bed under the fitted sheet at the bottom. It is just bog standard soap - you probably have a box of unwanted soap somewhere. Just try it - it costs nothing to try it.

Jan 07, 2011
toe cramping
by: Anonymous

Everyone has brought up valid points about toes cramping and trust me, I experience toes cramping in both feet at the same time. I have learned to rub Icy Hot on my toes and it helps to relax the toes when cramping.
My question is: Could this be a type of arthritis? Seems like toe cramping becomes worse as we age, like the cartlidge is breaking down in the joints and the wearing of bone may cause the cramping. There is 100 different types of arthritis.
I really am not defficient in calcium; mg or potassium.
The toe cramping has gotten worse with age or even while driving, which is a very scary feeling.

Dec 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had sevre toe cramps after driving 22 hours and working the morning i got home.

ALL I HAD TO DO is stick my fingers between my toes and move my toes in a up and down motion, after 3-5 mins the cramp was gone.

Dec 24, 2010
Possible cause for me personally
by: Anonymous

It's December in Texas and earlier this week was 85 degrees. Wore capris and flip flops. First time to wear them in about two months. The kind I wore have a wide thong that goes between the big toe and the first toe. Been wearing sneakers since that day. That night though the first toe cramped and turned the opposite direction the flip flop had forced it and did it again the next night(both times happened soon as I went to bed). Possible that was I hadn't had my toes spread by flip flops in a while???

Dec 05, 2010
by: Audrey Smith

My partner used to get severe cramps in both feet or both legs simultaneously so I spent hours doing research to find a solution - here it is.


If you put a bar of soap in the bed just under the sheet at the bottom where your feet are, it stops cramp. I wont say that my partner NEVER gets cramp now, but it has gone from every other night to once every few weeks.

Don't ask how it works, but when I found it on the Internet there were about fifty people said that it works. I have also told family who have tried it and it has worked for everyone I have told.

Please try it, what have you got to loose?

I would love you to post back if it works for you. Sleep well :-)Or email me, audreysmith@btopenworld.com


Nov 26, 2010
Horrid toe cramping condition
by: Lu Lu

Thank god I'm not the only one. I thought I was a freik when my toes on both feet started to twist and turn up and from side to side... all on their own. Scarey not to mention painful. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there experiencing this horrid toe cramping condition. Yet to find out what is causing it though.

Nov 12, 2010
toe cramps
by: terri

I am 43 years old and have been having intermitant toe cramping for about 8 months. I am at a loss for why this is happening. I take calcium and vitamin D. I believe I am getting enough potassium in my diet. I work in an operating room so I cannot always get enough fluids throughout the day. Does anyone have any suggestions. From what I have read already, it doesn't seem like anyone has a fail safe cure.

Nov 09, 2010
My toe cramping
by: Anonymous

I am 65 now and have had toe cramping since I was young. I've had to pull off the street to jump out and put pressure on my whole foot to stop the cramps on my way to work in the past! Usually they are much worse in the winter when my feet are cold and driving seems to put the right foot in a cramp fairly quickly. It's been terrible not having a remedy for toe cramping. One thing I've noticed is carbonated caffeine cokes from a fast food restaurant seems to cause them when I return home and sit down. Also, in the summer when I'm sitting barefoot with feet on a recliner, they will start cramping. I found putting on shoes and standing up helps immediately. Keeping my feet warm in colder weather and in shoes or houseshoes also helps.

Oct 07, 2010
toe cramp
by: Joan

On my right foot the toe next to the big toe started to cramp and move to the right. It was very weird. This happend right when I was going to bed. I had to immediately get up and stand on my feet. My toe felt better but when I went to lie down again the toe started to move to the right again. I had to get up and walk and exercise my toes. I decided to put tight socks to keep my toes together. My toe stopped cramping and I was able to go to sleep.

Sep 23, 2010
by: PAM

Hello... I read all of your comments on what you think we should do for the cramping of toes and feet. Alot of you suggest exercise... picking things up with your toes... etc. Well, every time I try to do any kind of exercise guess what happens... my feet and toes cramp up. I drink plenty of water, my calcium and magnisium levels are fine. The only issue that I have that even my doctor says makes sense is that I am anemic. I cannot take iron supplements because my system doesn't absorb vitamins and such... so I go in every 3 weeks for my iron injections. When I don't get in there when I should this starts happening. Therefore, mine anyway, has to do with an iron deficiency. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Hope it helps even one person.

Sep 03, 2010
Preventing Cramps in Toes
by: Anonymous

Great article! We just posted a blog on how to prevent chronic cramps! Check it out!


Aug 17, 2010
cramps toes
by: rose

Toe cramping can come from other problems like vascular problems--Have a vein check possibly clogged arteries. I keep a bar of hard soap under the fitted sheet on my bed. When I get a cramp at night put your foot on it --for some reason it goes away immediately also charlie horses.

Aug 14, 2010
Toe Cramping
by: Anonymous

I don't have a clue either,but when it start cramping up you can't even think..lol the pain is horrid..But I will say this I saw someone whose calcium dropped totally man it was not a pretty site..everything cramped up..His hands feet his mouthed was shut he could not talk..Never seen anything like it..Get this when the ambulance came they never saw this before.. Soon as he got to emergency and his doctor saw him and he immediately dosed him with 8 vials of calcium..This was a calcium problem...It was very low..I don't ever want that, so I believe that taking calcium and potassium and vit. C regularly can help regardless. I am not taking any chances folks it was not pretty..

Jun 30, 2010
This is toe cramping.
by: Anonymous

I am a track athlete, so cramps happen on and off. I'm also allergic to bananas, so eating it wouldn't really help me. When getting a cramp, the best thing to do is to relax and try to massage it out. Cramping is just when your muscles tighten up and forget how to loosen up because it has been strained in some way for a period of time. To prevent cramping, you need to stretch your muscle or massage it every night or morning. Hope this helps.

Jun 09, 2010
you need magnesium
by: Anonymous

Magnesium, epsom salts will take care of it.
My daughter is an athlete who used to get severe calf cramps until she started taking a tblsp. or two of citrate of magnesium before a game and an epsom salts bath after. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and cramping stops.
My 83 year old mother got leg cramps at night until she started standing in epsom salts water while she showers and taking magnesium throughout the day in proper relationship with calcium since they work together in the body.

Jun 05, 2010
Toe Cramps
by: Jay

I am 56 years old and have experienced miserable toe cramping for the last 2 years. The only pattern I have noticed is that is much worse after a day or two of little sleep. I seldom experience a problem after a lazy weekend when I have caught up on my rest.

May 13, 2010
toe cramps
by: Anonymous

I've been getting toe cramps off and on for the past year in the evening after a day of wearing comfortable shoes to my office job. I'm a 52 year old woman and judging from the other comments, there seems to be a trend. After years of fluxuating hormones it wouldn't surprise me that they'd cause toe cramps, too....Midol anyone?

May 06, 2010
range of toe motion
by: Anonymous

Recently I've been playing with trying to move toes individually and as a result I've gotten foot cramps, but now I can move my Ring toe on my right foot up and down, so maybe you're flexing a toe you haven't used before.

Mar 12, 2010
Annoying and painful cramping...
by: Anonymous

Hello, Karen!

The same thing has been happening to me, ever since I had my oldest who is now 5. I'm not on pills, I hardly work out, I have gain weight in the past 5 years, I did break my right foot, once. I don't know if, it has anything to do with all that I mentioned. BUT...whenever it does happen, I stand UP, push it DOWN, and massage my leg down-wards towards the toes. I have also, heard of eating a spoonful of mustard, since I cant stand that yellow stuff, thats not gonna happen. Best of luck!!

Sep 15, 2009
Leg Cramps and Steroids
by: Ruth

In reference to the person who had the steroid shots and is still having the cramps. I didn't have cramps until a dermatologist gave me multiple steroid shots for the psorisis I had back in my twenties, I am in my 50's now. That is when I first started experiencing these cramps and toe jerkings, and I had to have a steroid shot recently for poison ivy that wouldn't clear up. This has caused the cramps and toes to intensify their cramping again. I don't think these doctors know what causes it and don't have a test they can give you to find. out.

Sep 10, 2009
Severe Cramping of the Toes
by: Anonymous

These are good ideas, but my cramps have now invaded my legs and thighs, to the point that I cannot sit down. It takes everything I know to get the pain out. I have spoke with my doctor, and she suggested eating a banana during the night when they occur, but I am getting to hate bananas. My toes are actually pulling upwards and my whole foot becomes paralyzed and it takes forever to try and walk it out. What can cause this? I have tried exercise, potassium, etc. to no avail.

Sep 03, 2009
Toes cramping
by: roxane

I find that when I wear high heels at work my toes go haywire at night.. watching t.v all of a sudden they freak out going all directions.. And of course my daughters laugh at me...I do eat bananas on a reg basis but that really doens't seem to help. Maybe its the 4 miles I walk everyday too. Oh well life goes on it could be worse!

Aug 31, 2009
Toe/ foot cramping
by: Student RN

Yes this can be caused by a lot of things: dehydration, med. side effects, Mg and Ca deficiency.... It can also be related to a decrease in Potassium.... I would recommend eating foods high in all three (potassium, calcium, magnesium) such as bananas, cheese, milk etc. for the next couple of days as well as drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day.

Aug 10, 2009
by: kim

I have sure said some unlady-like words, when my toes start to all go in 15 different directions....all at once. I, LOL, NOW!!!! As I sit with both feet submurged in one of those electric, massager-soaker-heater, things and epsom salt to the rim; so to say. Im feeling like a new woman.....(wink) For now, anyway....

Aug 04, 2009
possible exercises
by: Rula

I am 25 and regularly have cramps in my toes. Initially I thought it had something to do with being dehydrated, but after asking around I was told that wasn’t the cause.
The cramps are caused by wearing high heels, tight shoes and sometimes a lack of calcium. The worst cramps I got were during a yoga class.
There are 2 types of exercises that help.
- Try lifting a pencil or marbles with your toes and placing them in a different spot, repeat that exercise a few times.
- Lift yourself on the tips of your toes and slowly lower yourself down.

Jul 13, 2009
Toe and Foot Cramps
by: Anonymous

I have had foot and toe cramps since I was a young girl. I am now 43, and they seem to have gotten more frequent and severe as I have aged. I have tried everything, better fitting shoes, keeping hydrated, eating bananas, taking potassium and calcium. Sometimes I think that some of the remedies work, then I am let down later. I just know the best thing I have found over the counter is Hyland's Leg Cramps. They contain quinine which seem to sometimes be the only way I can get relief.

Jul 12, 2009
toe cramping
by: Gina

I have been experiencing toe cramping and researing what to do for it. I found out that it is caused from lack of calcium and magnisium. Since I take plenty of calcium, I'm assuming I'm lacking the magnisium. I was very good about taking it because I use to get charlie horses in my calves and then I stopped. Now that my toes are going wacko, I'm going to go buy another bottle of magnisium and see if I can stop the crazy toes and I will let you know.

Jun 21, 2009
Toe Cramps
by: Anonymous

I have found that if I don't drink enough fluids that my toes want to cramp up on me. At the first sign of them wanting to do so I will immediatley grab a glass of fluid and start drinking trying to hydrate myself immediately.

Nov 09, 2008
toe cramps
by: Anonymous

I had a double bunionectomy a year ago. However, now I am suffering from neuroma in both feet. Every step I take sends shocks through my toes. My Dr. is giving me cortozone shots in my feet at the base of my toes. I have recieved 3 shots in my left foot and one so far in my right over the past 2 weeks. Since then I have been experiencing severe toe cramping in both feet. They have been so severe at times I wake up unable to relax them. They seem to be in a constant state of pulling and I have to make a concious effort constantly to keep my feet relaxed. I called and talked to a nurse who said she never heard of this happenng from cortizone shots. I see my Dr. on Wednesday and am anxious to see what he says. Anyone ever experience anything like this?

Oct 06, 2008
Toe Cramping
by: Anonymous

Hi Karen,

I do not have a remedy for you, but I would like to add that I get the exact same thing happening to me -- mostly my right foot. I am 53 years and this has only been occuring for the last 12 months every couple of months. It certainly has a mind of its own, sometimes disappearing in 10-15min and sometimes lingering on and off for 30min. I do what you do until it just goes. It can happen at any time. the first time I was in the bath. Today it happened again and I was sweeping the garage in my slippers. I was thinking maybe my muscles were shrinking due to a change of life so I try to do stretching of my whole body. I think it helps.

May 12, 2008
Remedy for "toe cramping"
by: Anonymous

I've gotten toe cramping for years. I find the only quick remedy is to put your foot on a very cold floor or ice pack as soon as possible. It seems to take the cramp away fast. It's also a quick fix if you get a "charlie" horse in your leg. Good luck.....doctor told me it's nothing to worry about.

Apr 05, 2008
I would talk to your physician...
by: Bart - SII

Karen, this doesn't sound like anything to be terribly worried about - perhaps just some muscle cramping. However, it could be a reaction to medications, or there may be other causes. I would give your physician a call and talk to them just to be on the safe side.

Muscle cramping can occur from lots of different things - the most common is from dehydration. But they can also be side effects from medications as well as from anesthesia. It probably isn't anything to worry about, but a simple call to your doctor is best just to make sure.

Hope this helps

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