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Your Athletic Trainers Corner, June 2007 -- Choosing Athletic Shoes
June 08, 2007

In This Issue...

- Additions to the Sports Injury Info Website
- Choosing Athletic Shoes - the most important piece of sports equipment
-Coming soon to SII - Videos!

Additions to SII

New Pages

Achilles Tendonitis
ACL Knee Injury
Choosing Athletic Shoes
Foot Anatomy
Meniscus Tear Symptoms
Pes Anserine Bursitis
Symptoms of a Torn ACL

Updated Pages

Knee Anatomy and Elbow Anatomy - new images for muscles, bones and ligaments

Improved Site Search

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Choosing Athletic Shoes

Just about every day, someone asks me about their shoes. Questions vary from sport to sport, but the fact remains that the majority of people choose athletic shoes based on brand names and styles, rather than what is best for their own feet.

I know that it can be hard to pass up those awesome looking shoes that match your uniform perfectly, but in the long run, the most important thing is that the athletic shoe serves its support and protect your feet.

Visit my new page at SII to learn about choosing athletic shoes. I cover all of the basics including

- The heel box
-The Arch
-The Upper
-How often to change 'em

Read the full article on choosing athletic shoes

Coming Soon to Sports Injury Info


Ever wonder what that bump on the front of your knee is called? Or where exactly is the medial collateral ligament? How about the spot on the ankle where you are most likely to be painful if you have peroneal tendonitis?
Now imagine being able to see a video, with someone who knows all about anatomy showing you exactly what is what in the knee, elbow, ankle, and shoulder.

It is your own personal tour of the human body, hosted by me, your friendly certified athletic trainer.

Anatomy videos are in the works, and should be available in late July. Keep your eyes peeled for a special edition of the Athletic Trainers Corner announcing their arrival.

Help Build Sports Injury Info!

Do you have a special area of interest in sports injuries? Something you want to know more about, but are just a little afraid to ask? Well, I am always looking for new areas to add to the site. So if you have a suggestion for something you would like to learn more about, let me know. Visit our comments page and submit your requests.

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