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Your Athletic Trainers Corner - Christmas Gifts For Your Athlete
December 04, 2007

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- What's New at Sports Injury Info
- Feature Article - "Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Athlete"
- Coming Soon to SII

Whats new at Sports Injury Info

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Patella Femoral Syndrome Rehab
Patella Femoral Syndrome Rehab: Improving Strength
Patella Femoral Syndrome Rehab Exercises: Improving Mobility

Sports Injuries

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Feature Article - Christmas Gifts For Your Athlete

Christmas Gifts for Your Athlete

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are like me, any ideas for christmas gifts are openly welcome. Some people have everything, others are just hard to buy for. But for the athlete in your life, I have a few suggestions. Most of these are not related directly to sports injuries, but some may come in helpful for those who do suffer from an injury or two.

Most people will not ask for these gifts, but deep down, they will appreciate them. And use them...and that is what is important.

A Cold Compression Wrap

This is a great gift for anyone who has a sports injury, or who has the occasional ache and pain from playing sports. Compression ice wraps are re-useable, and they make a great way to apply ice after activities. For minor aches and pains, you can't beat the versatility of a compression wrap, and they will do wonders for the minor sports injury. You can find compression wraps online, from Coldone and Ebay. Look for one that comes with a fabric cover and elastic wrap built in.

An MP3 Player

For the athlete, nothing beats great music for working out. Lifting weights and running are well accompanied by great music. My personal favorite is the Ipod, from Apple. But if you are looking for something a little less expensive, you can look at other brands. If your athlete already has an MP3 player, look for accessories like noise canceling earphones, or an arm wrap they can attach and go.

A Fitness Ball

For the home exercise enthusiast, a fitness ball or stability ball is a great way to work on improving core strength, and the possiblities for exercises are endless. They can double as a toy for the kiddos too. Fitness balls can be found at your local sporting goods store, or online at sites like Many even come with an accompanying DVD or video with exercise examples.

A Smoothie Machine

Perhaps a little out of the ordinary, but for a budding athlete, a smoothie machine makes a great addition to the kitchen. Smoothies are a great way to improve your post workout recovery, as well as improve your diet. A smoothie rich in fresh fruits and dairy is a great way to boost your energy. When my athletes ask how to improve their diet, I always recommend smoothies. You can find a smoothie maker, complete with pour spout, for a very reasonable price at your favorite kitchen store, or even at Target.

From Smoothie Machines to cold compression wraps, there are lots of different things you can get for your favorite athlete. All at fairly reasonable prices. And best of all, your gift will be appreciated, and used.

Coming Soon To SII

Have you ever had an ankle sprain? Do you suffer from weak ankles? Do you dread the pick up basketball game for fear of injury?

Coming in January to Sports Injury Info, "The Complete Guide To Ankle Sprains".

From injury to return to play, this e-book will give you all of the knowledge you need to return yourself to sports and a pain free ankle.

This guide will walk you through the initial treatment, how to reduce swelling and speed recovery, and the key activities for the first 3 days. Days 4-14 detail exercises to improve range of motion, strength, and normal walking. Weeks 2-4 improve your balance and proprioception, and return your ankle strength to normal. Weeks 4 and on involve exercises for improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and power.

If you have "weak ankles" or suffer from chronic sprains, this guide is for you. It covers some of the commonly overlooked areas of ankle sprain rehab, and provides step by step instructions for conquering your ankle pain. Not just for the acute sprain, it can help to eliminate ankle pain from old sprains too...

Watch your email inbox for details regarding this upcoming e-book.

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