Solutions Series Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are very common in rehabilitation and fitness programs. They come in all colors and levels of resistance, some with handles and some without. They have been featured in popular fitness programs like P90X and others, and can be a versatile tool for both rehabiltiation and general workouts.

Specially Designed For Versatility

As athletic trainers, we understand the most common uses for elastic bands, as well as the biggest drawbacks. Too many times we have had elastic bands that wear out, get nicked or cut and are rendered unsafe, or just don't have the features, like handles and straps, that allow for multiple types of exercises.

Together with Maximum Training Solutions, Sports Injury Info is proud to offer an exercise band that is a step above others. We have taken 20+ years of combined athletic training knowledge to develop a specially designed exercise band that is not only versatile and safe, but will stand up to repeated use over time.

Common Problems with Exercise Bands

Some of the most common problems we have seen with elastic bands are the use of lower quality materials during manufacture. This leads to rapid break down of the band over time and repetitive use. With the average cost of most commercial exercise bands in the neighborhood of $25-$50, you deserve equipment that will last.

Depending on the type of exercise you are doing, bands can pinch the skin, cause irritation, or be difficult to attach to your body for optimal resistance or specific exercises. Specialty bands that include handles are great for upper extremity workouts, but what happens when you want to strengthen the lower body and the handle can't be removed? You end up spending more money on a different band to meet your needs.

Safety also becomes a concern when working with elastic exercise bands. The potential for the band to break under resistance is always there, and a snapped band can lead to serious and painful injury.

The Solutions Series Advantage

We have designed a band that virtually eliminates all of the common drawbacks. The Solution Series Band was designed with your exercise needs in mind, and is the most versatile band on the market today. And you won't find it anywhere else.

We have combined the best features of many commercial bands, starting with a 5 foot long elastic band. The elastic band is strong and durable and has a patented covering which prevents nicks, cuts, and abrasions.

That means that regular normal use won't cause break down over time, improving safety and longevity. It also reduces irritation and pinching of the skin when doing resistance exercises.

The patented covering acts as a safety measure in the event of a broken band. No loose ends flying if the inner tubing snaps. If you have ever been "popped" with a broken band or tubing, you know how painful that can be!

In addition to the safety and durability of the elastic components, we have also included removeable plastic handles. For upper extremity workouts, utilize the handles for easy grip and use.

For lower extremity exercises, remove the plastic grips, and use the loop fastener to strap the band around an ankle, knee, or arm. This also allows for attaching the end of the band to a door, post, or hook. You won't need to spend extra for multiple bands for different exercises.

This one will cover them all!

The central, moveable, fabric loop can be closed in any household door to provide a stable and secure attachment for the band, or looped around a hook, post, or doorknob. Easily adjust your length and tension for multiple exercises.


  • Most versatile band available - Only your imagination will limit the exercises you can perform!
  • Specially Designed and Manufactured - We've eliminated the most common drawbacks to provide high quality and durability
  • 5 foot elastic component with protective sheath - no more worries about nicks, cuts, or breakdown!
  • Comfortable handles which can be removed to strap the end of the band to a hook, post, ankle, or wrist
  • Strong center fabric loop which can be attached to a hook, door knob, or can be closed in a door
  • Hand made in the USA

Pricing and Shipping

The Solution Series Exercise Band comes in medium resistance, and is on SALE! for $29.95 (normally $39.95 plus shipping)

Shipping is provided through the USPS, and utilizes flat rate pricing of $7.50 for single band orders, $3.00 per each additional band.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer shipping options for international orders.

You will not find another band on the market that provides more versatility, comfort, and durability.

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Order your Solutions Series Elastic Band together with one of the Solution Series Ebooks, and I will include a free mini-band with your order. The mini band is used for several exercises in the ebook programs, and is a $15.00 value - FREE!