13 year old girl soccer player tore acl!

by Mallory

Okay well first off I am now 14 but I just turned 14. I tore my acl when I was 13 though. I play for a travel soccer team & we were in Indiana for our first tournament of the season. I was starting in my usual position of sweeper. A forward was on the loose and I stepped in front of her to get the ball when she turned her back to me, I poked my leg in between hers to get the ball when my left leg got stuck in between hers & I tried to go the opposite way she was going & I heard that fatal pop. I was laying on the field for about 10 minutes before they were able to get a medical trainer. I was able to walk off the field but I wasn't able to play the rest of the weekend. So afterwards you can conclude that I got an MRI and found out I tore my acl. I waited till February to have the surgery and he used a ligament from my hamstring. Now you're probably thinking what was I thinking using a ligament from my own hamstring? Well I was thinking. I'm now four months out of surgery & I couldn't feel better I'll be back to playing in a few months! And alot of people say using a hamstring is awful, but it really isn't. And it bothers me that people are saying that. My physical therapist said I'm doing beyond amazing for how far out of surgery I am. So don't listen to them. Or maybe I'm just lucky & God has a plan for my soccer career. I've been very lucky throughout this whole experience because I haven't been in much pain, & God has been by my side throughout everything. I'll be starting high school soccer in the fall & I've already earned a position on the team because I've been practicing with them for years. I just hope my story of tearing my acl at such a young age will motivate you to get through the pain with God by your side:)

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