14 year old's ACL injury story/ reconstruction recovery

Hi! I am 14 years old. i tore my ACL at the end of my varsity bball season. i was posting a girl up, and they were throwing the ball in and when i jumped to get it i fell on the girl's foot, and felt this terrible pop in my knee. my dad & lots of my friends have had the injury so at first it scared me. I fell to the ground crying in pain. My coach made me stretch it out, and it popped back in place. i knew i had done something bad to it. It was HUGE! that night i went to the hospital, and they assured me that it was just a sprain, so i was relived!! but my dad had the same injury, and made sure i got an MRI.

I got an MRI about a week later, and it showed that i had torn my ACL, and it was completely gone. I was so upset! i cried all day!! I love basketball, and it is my favorite sport!!! I knew this meant no running or training, and when i saw my team for the first time I cried again. Thank goodness, i get to play next year!!

I went to the orthopedic surgeon, and wanted to get the surgery ASAP, but had to wait 2 months to rehab it. So, i went to physical therapy for about a month and a half before my surgery. They had me as normal as i could be without an ACL.

I had my surgery April 13. they found that i also tore my Meniscus, and fixed that as well.

I am doing pretty good. pain hasn't been bad. it will be a week tomorrow, and i have already had 2 therapy sessions. they have me doing the exercise bike, leg lifts, side leg lifts,leg lifts on your stomach, pushing a pillow down, pulling it back as far as i can, pushing a ball down, mini wall sits, lite weights, and the leg press. the only one i have a hard time doing is the stomach leg lifts and they said that was bcuz of my hamstring graft.

The worse part for me was wearing this huge brace locked, thank goodness i am unlocked to 30 degrees now when walking, and 90 degrees when sitting. I do have a lot of swelling though.

They expect me back to playing bball with a functional ACL brace at 6 months & running at 3 months.

I wish all people good luck with their ACL recovery & appreciate any comments or tips!!!

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