1st acl surgery ..questions

by Ives
(Vancouver BC Canada)

I did not injury my knee prior to sports i got pushed over which caused me to fall on top of my knee ..& tore my ligament and cartiledge .

I have a few concerns and questions if someone u could help as per this is my first surgey and i am quite scared !!
Why do you have to come 2 hours before the surgery and what do they tell you ??
How long does this surgery take ??
How long will i be on cruthes for ??
Is it true it will be hard for me to sleep at night ??
Is there nething i can do to prep me before ??Ive tried to go for walks but i can only walk for a short period of a time as per my knee starts to hurt !!!
Are you complenty asleep when it happens ?? or can u feel it ?? this is my first surgery soo i am kinda paranoid and scared !!
Have i made the right choice to do this ??
Are there any negative and postives i should know about ??
My surgery is on August 6th less the 2 weeks aways please help me out !!

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