2nd surgery

by Rebecca
(Mechanicville, NY)

On 3/2 I tore my ACL and Lat Meniscus. On 4/14 I had the surgery to repair the damage. In June during pool therapy I felt the infamous "POP". I brought that to the Dr's attention at the end of June & during August & September had to endure the cortizone injections in the back of the knee. I KNEW that i damaged the meniscus repair. On 10/2 I had the surgery to remove the hardware from the Tibia - I had a reaction to the metal - and he also removed the sutures from the meniscus repair & part of the meniscus at the same time. I'm now 1.5 weeks post op & don't have ANY pain from the meniscus area but alot from the Tibia are where the hardware was removed. I was up & around that nite, weight bearing & everyday since. This overall has been a much easier recovery since I knew what to do post op. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? If so, please let me know how it went & the recovery time. I'm having alot of pain where the hardware was removed and want to know if this is normal. I so badly want to return to work & to a normal life.

Thanks for any contributions!

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