39 year old ready for ACL surgery

by Pet

ACL surgery scheduled for Feb. 16th.

Long story short, while playing football on Nov. 1st. 2009 with 28 seconds remaining before the half, I was running down field (without any contact) I felt & heard "the pop". I dropped immediately. My MRI showed no meniscus or cartridge damage. Just a right ACL tear. After 2 months of therapy, I met with my surgeon yesterday. Because of my age 39 I have the option of NOT having the surgery if I alter my lifestyle. He asked me how I feel about NOT playing sports again. I told him not playing is NOT an option! So we scheduled it. My surgeon is one of the best of not the best in Philly. I have all the confidence in him. To be honest with myself, I am a little nervous and scared. I guess that's natural. A lot of your stories help and I learned a lot from them.
I take everything as a competition and a contest.
My knee and my surgery is a contest that I will NOT lose. That's my motivation and I'm ready for it!
I will update my story as I hope it helps others!

Ps. I'm a young, active 39 year old. Everyone is telling me I'm too old to be playing sports (also my motivation). I also play ice hockey & baseball. SPORTS IS MY PASSION! If you don't understand that or you no longer have a passion than maybe I'm not the one that's too old?

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