4 Surgeries, 3 ACL Reconstructions Later

I was 17, my Junior year in high school playing soccer when I was hit from the side and my knee buckled and popped. I went to the doctor and was told I tore my ACL. I received the ACL Reconstruction using allograft. I recovered fine, I was walking after a week and rehabbed and got my leg muscles back to normal and had a very stable knee. I returned to soccer after 9 months and played my senior year. I played the year fine.

I went to college and played the season, knee feeling great! I was the leading scorer on my team and everything was looking good until our team started indoor for the off season and I tore the ACL again. This is now about a year after my first surgery. I return to my doctor and get xrays and the MRI. It shows that I tore my ACL completely again and the doctor tells me that my bone grew into a bone spur and it just sliced my ACL in half, clean. He said he never saw anything like it before. His solution was he would go in and sand the spur down and the tunnel to make sure it didn't happen again and do another reconstruction.

I get this surgery and rehab again. I'm walking after a week and make good progress again. I return to soccer in the same amount of time, right around the 9 month mark after surgery. I really felt great and I kept my head up and just worked out regularly and played. Well... I only made it 6 months this time before I tore the ACL for the third time. Back to the doctor I go.

I go in and find out that my doctor retired. Now I don't know what to do. I called around and got recommendations and to the new doctor I went. I tell him my history and he shakes his head and gives xrays and writes a script to
get a MRI. He looks at the xrays in his office the day of my first visit and is shocked at bone missing in my tunnel. He says he needs to fill the whole cause the gap is to big. I tell him about my 2nd surgery with the bone spur and the reaming/sanding down of my bone so it didn't happen again and he just looked at me with a shocked face. He tells me to get MRI and come back and we will plan surgery. I return with MRI and he says the best solution would be getting 2 surgeries.

The first surgery we talk about is a bone graft. He said he would go in and take the torn ACL out, drill out my screws, sand and drill the holes then fill everything in with bone. So he does this in October. So now I have NO ACL. I wear a brace, I rehab, and I'm walking fine. This is October of 2008 now. I go back to him every 2 weeks and receive xrays to make sure my bone is healing and the new bone he put in is adhering to my original bone. Its January 2009 and everything looks good he said I am ready for part 2 anytime now.

I schedule surgery for February 17th, 2009. We talk about it and he says the plan is to drill a new tunnel through my existing bone and the bone he put in. He said he would make the tunnel the correct size and he was going to put it in a slightly different spot then the original tunnel cause he believes it will work better. Its February 25th, I received the surgery, I am on crutches still, its been 8 days and I am worried off my ass how I will be after these 4 surgeries.

If anyone has been through this let me know please, does this bone grafting and new tunnel work? Does anyone think I can play soccer again?

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