49 Jazz & Tap Dancer with torn ACL...now what?

by Cathlyn
(Sussex County, NJ, USA)

I'm 49 and was on vacation, sitting down doing NOTHING, when another tourist (drunk) body slammed into the side of me when she came to sit down and talk to me. My body went one way and my knee stayed put...you know the drill.

No broken bones (just bruised) and confirmed torn ACL. One doc is ready to operate now and another suggested that 'at your age'...we do nothing- live with it and modify activities.

As an active heh-'older' person, I'm now weighing whether to have the surgery or not. I need to be able to lunge, plie, leap and land on one leg- not to mention tap, jump up and shuffle on my injured leg for hours at a time.
(dance is recreational, but an integral part of my life!)

I've seen what my husband has gone through the last 30 years with a torn ACL, and it's not pretty- had to give up running, etc.

I'd like to return to dance!
(My cardio, stretch & weights 3x a week should not be affected by this injury.)
I want to be able to keep up with grandkids when I finally get some!
Right now, I'm beginning therapy to strengthen my bad knee...then make a decision.

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