A non-union of my Jones fracture

by Marie
(Gore, Southland, New Zealand)

I have had a Jones fracture since September 14, 2008 which is not healing. I was under treatment with an orthopedic foot spsecialist who took x-rays and I stayed off my foot for 4 months but he finally cut me loose as I was scheduled to move to New Zealand.

Now I am in New Zealand and wanted to resume my walking regime and my foot, at the break site burns. It burns at night, I sleep with a shoe to relieve pressure from the weight of the blankets and burns in the day. Is my walking aggravating it? There is lots of scar tissue in my ankle as it was severely sprained (3 star, if that means anything) at the time of the break. I would like to be more active but am hesitant with the pain, not that it is intolerable but I don't want to make matters worse.

I used an "ultrasound" strap-on-the-foot bone stimulator but stopped when the bone was growing but felt that it was growing to the outside of my foot, not creating a union. What is your experience with the bone simulators? And should I continue that?

Thanks for your advice.

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