ACL, PCL and MCL surgery

by Beth

I had surgery to reconstruct my ACL and PCL with a cadaver graft and also repaired my MCL on July 6, 2009. I am now nine weeks post-op and in the rehab process. I am at 89 degrees flexion and can get to 0 degrees extension, but have to loosen up to get to that. I am in a neoprene hinged brace after being in a much larger brace locked at full extension for several months. The new brace has caused my incisions below the knee to pop open - the Dr. thinks that my sutures under the skin are poppong through. She is not worried, but put me on anitbiotics. I am very motivated for rehab, but have struggled with gaining range of motion. I am still using one crutch to walk even though I am at 100% weight-bearing. I struggle greatly with feeling like I will never have a pain-free flexible knee that I can just forget when walking, sleeping, etc. - much less the fear that I will never get back to the sports I love like Tae Kwon do and running. I would love to get out of a brace, but I am scared to death to be without it. I can't say that pain has been horrible throughout this process, but it is constantly uncomfortable and stiff. I would welcome communicating with others who have been through this process to compare notes and to help me have some idea of what to expect.

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