ACL pull, is that real?

by bree lowry
(port hope)

August 2007, i was playing in a soccer game, top of my game, in the zone, almost a few goals, are team was doing fabulous, i was running down the field about to slide tackle when the girl with the ball stopped and i stopped without thinking , planted the foot and the rest of my body turned the other way. A huge 'pop' sound filled the stadium, at first it didn't phase me, then i knew something was wrong when i told my coach i could still play, but realized that my knee couldn't bare any weight, unfortunately i sat on the bench the rest of the game, which for me is a huge ego blow, and hard to watch a sport you completely love.

anyway, i figured i'd wait it out, we waited a few months to get into a physician, when she looked at the MRI, and played around with my leg, she made me jump, and what not, suddenly she tells me a unthinkable diagnosis, i was prepared for "you tore your ACL you need surgery," instead i heard " you pulled your ACL, with your strength you should be back in no time. At first i didnt believe it, i didn't sit out 3 months in pain to be told i 'pulled' it. But since she was pro, i figured she knew her stuff. I worked my ass off the next 3 months, gained more then 10 cm of muscle back in my right quad, my calves were better than ever, i was in the best shape of my life.
since i am a snowboarder, i snowboarded during the winter which
made my legs even stronger!
so i figured i was ready for soccer. I played 2 games indoors and felt amazing, great to play again, then i went for a tackle , next thing i know, my knee is swollen again, i finally went to a PRO and he said i tore it, and there was no such thing as a pull, its either hurt or not, so i've been waiting awhile for the surgery, and have my surgery coming up on October 29th, i'm prepared for rehab, and want to work extra hard to come back and better than ever.

as reading the other stories i've realized that my focus shouldnt only be on my right leg, but also my left, and get it strong too, no body wants it to happen more than once !

the up to this experience is that now i know and understand how much i love soccer, and want this is my future, and it helps to hear other stories with fabulous, positive endings!
Also i want to be a physical therapist, and this introduced me to much more then any 16 year old could be introduced to.

only one question, which is better .. hamstring or the patellar graft?
i am nervous yeah, but i know that pain without purpose is insane , and pain with purpose has promise, so standing on my leg nearly after the surgery, finding the strength for finding the motion, and the extension is pain WITH PURPOSE!

thanks for hearing me out, it's good to know there are people who are in the same mind frame as myself, :)

wish me luck,
bree .

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