ACL Recon Extension Question/Concern

by Paul

29 yr old, fairly active male. I had ACL Reconstruction (hamstring graft) on 9-18-2008. I began PT on 9-26-08 but had been doing home exercises since 2 days post op.

I am having an issue with leg extension. It seems to settle around 5 degrees. My PT has been very aggressively stretching...I mean with an assistant holding my waist down and then stretching my leg. This has been extremely painful but she thinks it is helping. After stretching,the extension is around 2 degrees. I do prone hangs with ankle weights 1-2 times daily, along with numerous other stretches.

Initially my PT said she believed my issue was extremely tight hamstrings. I saw my surgeon on 10-13 and he mentioned something about scar tissue but did not display too much concern. He did say to keep "stretching like crazy or I will not be able to play sports again"

Besides this issue I have to say everything is flexion is really not an issue, my muscles have responded well and I can do all the leg press, leg lifts, hip abductions, etc they ask me to do. I walk/sleep and essentially get around pain free....except for the slightest limp due to the extension.

I know this was long but I guess my question is, do you think that it is too late for full extension to come back? Any other ideas what my underlying issue could be, and things i could try? I am just disappointed to go through all this and come out with diminished extension and now not be able to do things i could actually do pre surgery.


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