ACL surgery complication: uncontrollable spams/knotting in quad muscle

by Rachel

I had acl reconstruction (left knee) 4 weeks ago, the knee is doing great. However, about a week ago I started to have uncontrollable muscle spasms and knotting in my quad above the knee. The spasms feel similar to a charley horse, require that my leg be straightened immediately, and leave the whole quad feeling fatigued and sore.

I had flexeril left so i took it but it didn't help. I can not bend my leg because it causes it to seize almost immediately. I went to see my surgeon for help. The doc put me on Skalaxin and methyl-predisone, however these meds have not helped (it has been 5 days now). He thinks posture/back issues, combined with the knee are the cause. While that may indeed be it, a greater concern is how to get the muscle to stop spasming as it is unbelievably painful.

Have you ever heard of this complication from acl surgery before? Is there any type of muscle relaxer that can be injected/localized to unseize the muscle? Please help!

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