ACL Surgery Next week(25th Feb 2010)

by Rajiv
(Bangalore, India)

Hello everyone,

I have been going through some of the experiences shared by fellow readers and I must say, my apprehension about the surgery has completely disappeared. You see, I am all of 24 years old. I have been into all kinds of sports since the age of 5. And during all those years, thankfully, I had not sustained a single major injury. And then on the 28th of Jan 2010, I was at it again. After a long and intense match of soccer, I was participating in Tug of war. Seemingly harmless sport apart from the bruises to your hands. It was in the middle of one these games, we got into a rumble of sorts. I was just trying to pull that rope as hard as I could. Just then the other team decided to pull harder. We were all pulled forward say about a feet when I felt my leg get stuck and twist in an awkward manner. I heard a distinctive snap from my knee. A sudden unbearable pain in my right knee. For a minute I thought I had a dislocated joint. I was down for about an hour. Then a little while and a couple of aspirins later, I was able to walk again. But not like before. I have had plenty mishap while playing soccer. But this was unlike any I had ever felt before. My initial thoughts were to ignore it. Give it a couple of days. But it was not to be. The pain did not go away. The swelling if anything multiplied over the next few days. Then wisely I consulted a doctor and had an MRI scan done. The reports were given in a couple of hours and the most
dreaded word I have ever had to hear in my whole life. SURGERY. My mind raced away. I was lost in my dreaded thoughts. Imagining all the horrible things to follow if I were to be hospitalized. Unable to walk, Bed rest for weeks on end, stuck in a hospital for longer than imagined... I mean you know the drill. I returned home wondering how was I ever going to get through this. If ever.

But after much research and probing I have understood that ACL reconstruction is probably for the best. ACL reconstruction helps the affected knee to return to its original state barring a few marks and scars(Really small ones). The best part of this whole surgery is you get to walk out of the hospital the very next day!! Agreed it does take a while to recover, at best to resume walking without the support of crutches, maybe 3 weeks, But at least you wouldn't have to be hanging on to the thought of a bad knee for any longer. Post surgery physiotherapy combined with rest will have you back on your feet in no time. Although I must say, for a person my age and actively into sports, It would probably take around 5 to 6 months to return to full fledged activities in that regard. Nonetheless it will be worth the wait. Because your reconstructed knee will gain strength and return to its normal and close to its original state again. My surgery is next week and I cant wait to get it done.

I can understand if people are anxious about this but I for one would rather have a good knee than a less than perfect one. Wishing everyone good health always.. God bless you all.

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