ankle fracture while playing football

by kanchana weerasinghe
(sri lanka)

i am 22 years old and i had an ankle fracture five weeks ago (01/10/2009)while playing foot ball. in the case i broke my medial malleolus and fibula. i had a surgery on next day and medial malleolus fixed with two screws but nothing done on fibula( i broke fibula about 3 inches above from the tip). I'm an engineering student and i need to sit for my final exam in January. these days I'm really disappointed and stressed so please kind enough to answer my questions bothering me always.

1. how long will it take me to get off from crutches?
2. when will the screws be removed?
3. i still have a occasional pain where the screws are inserted. is this normal?
3. why was my fibula not teated with a plate?
4. will i be physically good enough for go to the exam?
5. how long will it take me to get back to sports?

thanks, i,m looking forward to hearing from you.

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