kicking the inside of my ankle bones accidently when running

by eric gosset

ok i know i dont really have an injury or if i do its probably just small but anyway when im runninglong runs i notice that sometimes not all the time but sometimes my foot will hit my inner ankle bone and its only on one foot.

i dont have bruises but when i touch the bone that gets hit sometimes it will hurt and if i twist that foot like to turn around for example it will get a small pain. what is this and how do i take care of it??

I'm thinking that because when i'm running when i lift up my left leg to stride out it somehow kicks my right inner ankle bone. and this has happened to me before two years ago around this time actually except it was much much worse. it was to the point where my inner ankle bone would get cut and bleed. i know i'm not over training because this problem has been going for a few months now but it has been minor problem and i just need to know how to keep it from gettin worse..anyone know??

please reply back if you have any information

thank you!

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"Knocking" of ankles (running)

by Karla
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I have noticed that when I begin to get tired after a long run or if I do not pay attention to my running, I will occasionally "knock" my ankle bones causing a lot of pain. I have talked to other students at my university and some say that it has happened to them as well.

Well about a week ago, I did it again after coming around on my 3rd mile. However, this time I hit them so hard, I immediately fell to the ground. I knew I did not sprain my ankle and that I did not have a shin splint, and after staying off of it for about 5 minutes I felt like I could walk again. I knew it would bruise eventually.

But a day or so later, I had a great amount of pain and swelling right behind my left ankle bone on the inside. From looking at your page, I found that that could possibly be posterior tibialis tendon. I also have some pain in the area when the anterior tibialis is, as well. Sometimes this pain will lead all the way up my calve, but I still know that this was not caused by a shin splint. From these two areas, I had a pretty good amount of swelling and it seemed to sting every time I took a step. I have iced and elevated these areas.

So, my question for you is..did I maybe injure these tendons, and how long do you think it is going to take to get back to running my 3 miles a day. I tried to jog the other day, and my ankle pretty much screamed at me. I am also wondering if you have heard of anyone else "knocking" their ankles when running, and how it can be prevented! hope you can help me!!!

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