Arthroscopy and Partial Meniscectomy With Debridement

by Sara Palmer
(United Kingdom)

I had the above operation on 05/02/08, just 2 weeks ago.I had to wait 3 months for this even privately. I am a fitness fanatic and before my symptoms started in October, I was running x 3x5k per week plus aerobics and x3 step classes a week and if I'm truthful a bit more if I could fit it in.

Prof Barrett has told me no more impact exercises so you can imagine how I feel!The knee swells to the size of an orange during the day.The physio has suggested that I start to use the bike and the X trainer but no walking on the treadmill.

Do you think this is too soon given that there is still a lot of swelling? What exercises should I be doing?

And if I must alter the type of exercises I do once recovered would "spin" be okay to try?

My job is nursing and I am on my feet for 12 hour shifts at night - obviously still off till next week.

Now the sad part - I am a young person in an old persons body! Yep, only 55 years but you can't help me there can you

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