Ashley's broken arm

by Ashley

When I was two I fell off a tree house and my baby sitter saw it happening and ran over to me but she did not get there in time.

I landed on my left arm on the ground so she brought me inside to my mom and my mom and my dad left with me and brought me to the ER because It was obvious that there was some thing wrong with my arm.

After they had gotten the x-rays done and they had gotten the ortho doctor in there they just put a splint on my arm and the ortho doctor said that I might need surgery to repair my arm because I broke it in 3 or 4 places. So then he sent me home and scheduled an appointment for a couple of days later with some one else to get my arm looked at again and put in a hard was pink.

They said that I might need surgery later but not at this point so that was a great thing. When I walked out of their office I was wearing a new pink cast that went all the way up my arm.

The worst part about this was that my birthday was coming up in a couple of months I was turning three years old. Well they started me in physical therapy right after they got me out of the cast almost a year after I got it in and 7 cast changes.

I was able to move my arm with alot of pain in it though they gave me a sling to keep my arm in to keep it in the healing position. My arm was still a little deformed in the elbow. Once I was able to bounce a ball and stuff that all kids like to do i was discharged from PT

After all that happened I am now 15 and I have problems with that arm a lot. I am not able to do pushups in gym so I get a lower grade. I am not able to reach certain things.

So I have to go to an ortho doctor again and see what he has to say. I still have pain in my arm some times when I move other doctor said I might have arthritis in it. It also hurts when it is cold out. Who knew that because they did not do surgery I would be out of luck 13 years later.

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