Ash's ACL injury

Hello guys, I tore my ACL playing b'ball in July. I went up for a layup and my buddy tried to block me. His entire weight was on me which got me off balance and I came down on my left leg. As soon as I came down, I felt a pop and fell to the ground right away.

Went to see a doctor a couple of days later. My knee had swollen up so much that he had to drain it. If i remember correctly he took out about 55 cc out. Then he examined my knee and told me that it looks too lose. He asked me to get an MRI and that's when I found out that I tore my ACL. My doctor gave me a couple of exercises (leg raise, heel slide, and quad sets) to do at home to get my ROM back.

Its been two months since the injury, I can walk normally, even ride my bicycle; but my knee still feels a lil weird when I go up and down the stairs. I was wondering if it will feel this way till i get surgery or will it get better.

Anyways, I am set up for surgery in December. I am a little scared about it because I have never broken anything in my life before, this is the first major injury i've had. I have been reading other people's stories on this site and it has been really helpful.

If anyone has any advice for me as to what should I do before surgery to make the recovery process go a lil smoothly.

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