Better than EVER

I am 58 years old. Years ago, I must have torn my ACL, and have lived with a "trick knee" which would go out at any time.

My surgeon reviewed my MRI and showed me that the ACL was gone.
He said " I can fix this, no problem"
After an ACL reconstruction with an Allograft(dead guy parts)
I went into a Passive motion device which moves the knee for you.
I was in this for 6 days. 24 hours a day with a CryoCuff(ice pack) going as well.(get a pee bottle)
10 days after surgery, I had complete knee extension and 100 degrees of flex in the knee.
It has now been 6 weeks and the brace and crutches are going to be retired.
Don't be worried, it won't hurt forever.
I already feel better than I have for the last 15 years!
MUST things to do:
Passive motion device and cryocuff.
Keep your brace on and stay on the crutches! Don't be a wise guy.
Professional physical therapy!!
Follow the exercises...the rest is up to you.
Good luck.
Oh, did I mention that my doctor takes care of the New England Patriots, the Bruins and the Red Sox.

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