bone spur on shouder (surgery for impingement)

by bill richards
(lakeside,ca. USA)

I have been having some problems with my shoulder when I raise it while lifting. The x-ray showed a small bone spur and some minor tendonosis of the rotator cuff along with some osteoarthritis on the ac joint. The ortho doc that I was seeing and trusted very much recently retired and now I don't have anyone that I can trust to do this procedure.

When I had a second opinion from another ortho he said that I could go for several years without having anything done. Would it be better to wait and not worry about it for now? I would have had it done a year ago but was very worried about having any bone or joint surgery or just not getting any results. Can other doctors perform this procedure as good as a doc that
has been doing surgery for 32 years?

Can having a bone spur removed make a noticable difference?

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