broken fibula rehab...

by Eric

I play college football and I fractured my fibula via impact midshaft 6 weeks ago. I wore a boot for about 3 weeks and after that I could walk around on it fine, I was told to "let pain be my guide".

I had my 3rd follow up xray today and It showed a nice fat callus formed and the Doc said that it has healed up very nice. I run track in the spring, I am aware that I will be away for the indoor season but I would like to be ready for outdooer season. The doc also said that I am cleared to start running on it, so, I ran a few laps today but I felt discomfort in my calf muscle.

I have been doing band exercises to strengthen my calf muscle. Again, the doc told me to let "pain be my guide". I want to know if you have any idea how long it will take for me to be back sprinting.

Is there any other exercises I can do to strengthen/stretch out my calf muscle? Also, what kind of weight training can I do? Can I squat or deadlift? I am trying to get all the help I can and I found your website, I would highly appreciate it! thanks!

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