Claires ACL surgery

by Claire Brown
(Scotland, UK)

I damaged my knee at a gymnastics training session March 23rd 08 and landed awkwardly from a split jump. Worst pain in my life and I fainted after it due to my low pain threshold. I received physio sessions for about 7 weeks before I was referred to orthopaedics at the hospital. I then waited 6 weeks on an MRI then 6 weeks on the results so only found out on Aug 30th that I had completely ruptured my acl and had severe damage to both medial and lateral cartlidges. I wasnt too upset by the news of impending surgery as I had kind of diagnosed myself by using sites such as this. I too suffered from the constant giving away and being a weekend dance teacher also I found this frustrating. I then waited on a 16 weeks waiting list and am now 3 weeks post op (9 months from injury to actaul surgery date) I had acl reconstruction using my hamstring and repairs to both cartlidges. I have just started walking without the crutches and am being a gold star patient by sticking to the physio I have been given. I get so frustrated as I want to do more but physically cant. I normally run around (although I am 30 ha ha) with my dance students doing cartwheels etc and right now I can hardly walk the length of myself without pain. I will say though it is only minor pain. Any other dancers or gymnasts out there had the same thing and how long was it until you got back into the high energy dancing or gymnastics. I will always be able to do enough to teach to young kids but I use this fun hobby as my method of fitness and would be devastated if I couldnt return to this like normal. Will it be the same again or will I always be restricted ?

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