Damiens ACL Experience

by Damien Henderson
(Armagh, Northern Ireland)

I was playing football on a Saturday afternoon 7 weeks ago and in mid run my left foot came down at a slight angle and my knee went sideways and cracked. I lay on the pitch for a few minutes in a lot of pain and asked to be carried to the sideline, I watched the remainder of the 1st half from the sideline in quite bit of discomfort and at half time I got 2 of the team members to carry me to my car, it was my left leg so being in Ireland i was able to drive home in an automatic.

My girlfriend is an intensive care nurse and suggested we go to A&E straight away. 5 hours later my knee pain was unbearable and the doctor suggested i had torn my medial ligaments and to come back in 1 week when swelling had subsided.

One week later I returned and received a knee/lag brace and was told to wear for 4 weeks. I was also put up for an immediate MRI which i had 3 weeks ago. Results showed bone bruising, that medial ligaments were healing well, torn cartilage to outside of knee, complete and partial tears to meniscus discs and complete rupture of the acl.

I had my consultation with the surgeon today and he was not happy with the knee movement at all. I can get 90 degrees flexion if the physio works on it for a while, but walking and general activities it tightens in the knee joint the more i do. I have now been told i will require urgent surgery in January (December if there is a cancellation). I have complete muscle wastage in the top half of my leg due to knee mobility, its almost as if something is jamming it and that's why he wants surgery done asap.

I will keep updates when i can.

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