David's fractured ankle

I am 54 years old. I broke my distal fibula and tibia while cleaning my pool May 24th.

What makes this difficult to accept is that I have been so active for the past 30 years, I am (or was) a runner and never got hurt. Being immobile is a huge challenge. I always knew my upper body needed work, but I had not anticipated it would be with the aid of crutches, which while necessary, gets old.

Yesterday was 4 weeks post-op ankle ORIF. They let me look at my X-Rays. I have a “Plate” in my left fibula with 19 screws and one long screw in my distal tibia. When I saw my left ankle it was humbling. For a few minutes they let me dangle my ankle and it felt like a piece of meat just hanging by gravity.

I was told the X-Rays look good. They have me from a splint to a “Bledsoe Boot” that I can take off for bathing. “Toe touch” only for the next 2 weeks, then a physical therapy assessment with gradual weight bearing.

I will never forget this experience. It is the first time I have ever had a fracture, been dependent on others. I know I have a hard rehab ahead of me. My attitude, today, is to just start focusing on getting my mobility back, simply walking on my own. Running would be nice, but I can cross train to something else if I have to.

I have asked myself what I learned from this experience. One is that I can be careful and not take risks, use common sense, yet invariably anything can happen. The world and environment is filled with unexpected changes.

The other is I will never feel annoyed at handicapped parking places again. I will never feel exasperated at those electric carts in the market. My health, mobility, is something I had taken for granted. It has been painful watching people come and go as they please while at times, I have felt like a slug sitting on a slab of hot concrete.


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