Did I dislocate my shoulder? Do I need surgery?

by kristian
(san marcos, TX, USA)

When I was 18, my first shoulder problem occurred was when I was boxing a friend (high school) and swung hard with a right. My friend dodged the punch and I completely whiffed. I felt my right shoulder "pop" when my arm was fully extended on the punch and it felt like my arm "popped" right back into place after a split second.

I felt immediate pain and discomfort but continued to play sports (basketball and tennis) throughout the year (2004-05). During some bball games and tennis matches my shoulder seemed to "pop" in an out on certain occasions (blocked shot or serve or overhead) with immediate pain but continued to play.

There have been many occasions since this injury has happened and I have been to several doctors for answers and it seems like I just get a "you will be ok speech" and prescribed some meds for the pain.

I am 22 years old now and play in a (contact) football league where I went for a tackle and landed with my right arm in an upward bicep flexing position when I hit the ground and immediately felt pain. I felt a "pop" in my shoulder and had no mobility for about three minutes until it was "popped" back in slowly by a paramedic.

Does this mean I dislocated my shoulder or was it a strain? I have had a weak shoulder for four years and it always seemed to "come out" and back in immediately with pain. This happened yesterday and is the first time my shoulder has stayed "out" for a duration and I am still hurting pretty bad.

Do I need surgery?

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