Dominique's ACL reconstruction

by Dominique
(Logan, Utah)

Although my story is long, please read it.

I am 13 years old and am in 8th grade and live in Logan, Utah. When I originally tore my ACL was on February 13, 2008. I play soccer for a local competitive team.
For my team, we have a choice of doing indoor soccer during the winter to stay fit and active in sports. I decided to try the indoor soccer and would see if i liked it. Turns out, i enjoyed every minute of it.
On one of my last games of the indoor soccer tournament was when i tore it. I would have to say that is the most painful thing i have ever felt. I had the ball and was against one of the walls during the game. Two girls from the other team came up from behind me and rammed into me, putting me in the middle of them which knocked the wind out of me. I tried to stay standing and tried running away, but a girl saw what i was trying to do and kicked the back of my knee, while the other kicked my back while i was falling. I don't believe anything happened after that point. I remember waking up screaming and crying my head off.

The ref stopped the game and ran over to me with My coach. The ref was running so close by me that he accidentally hit my leg, which he claims he saw was dislocated, and my knee went into place.

After that i went to a doctor who had an MRI done. My knee was sprained, had three huge bruises under my kneecap which was very close to breaking, my MCL completely torn (though i didnt need
surgery, it healed on its own), and partially tore my ACL. He thought if i did P.T. for a couple of months with no soccer or sports it would heal.

In May i was told by my doctor i could start to slowly work my way back to where i was before while wearing a brace (i don't recall the name he called it) to somewhat protect my ACL and MCL. Next thing i knew i was playing in the Utah Summer games during the summer. Everything went well there, and took a Silver medal. I also was lucky to play in the Cache Valley Cup. Once again everything was well.

We have a Summer camp right before school and fall season starts to help us to become better fit. It was my first day there, doing a drill that involved a little cutting and twisting to my knee. I was given the ball, dug my cleat in the ground to do a trick of my choice, and next thing i know i hear the same noise i did when i first heard it, then came the same pain.

Now i knew that my soccer days were over for a couple of months. I figured i would need surgery now. I had the MRI done and i completely tore my ACL and partially tore some MCL.

Well here i am, waiting for the day of surgery. it will be the 24th of September. My brother has torn his ACL while riding his bike when he was 16, and claims the worst part is recovery. I am hoping the best for my surgery, that all goes well.

If you have any advice for me before my surgery please, do tell! thanks!

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