by Taylor C.

Hey, I just had my ACL reconstructed about 7 weeks ago. I blew my ACl my 2nd game of summer basketball. I was devastated when my doctor told me that I had blown out my ACL, but I allowed myself one day of crying and pouting then I had to get mentally focused. Staying positive was what has been getting me through this whole process. I'm an athlete, I don't like sitting around doing nothing, and when you tell me I can't play basketball I freak out. But I knew I had to get focused on getting better so I could get back on the court. I went into surgery nervous but excited at the same time, I couldnt wait for my knee to be fixed then I could work on getting back to normal. My surgery went so smoothly. Rehab has been great so far, Im moving along quickly. In fact I ran for the first time yesterday, it was the best feeling I thought I was going to cry there on the treadmill. My advice is stay positive, an ACL injury is not death its just a little bump in the road. Mentally focus on getting better. And when your rehab stage comes around push yourself, it might hurt but you'll live. I promise. Each improvement you make is the best feeling and its very rewarding. Don't give up this injury is just going to make you a stronger person!!!

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