EJ about to give up soccer for life

by Eduardo
(Minnetonka, MN USA)

I'm 35. In 2006 something popped up in my right hip when I kicked a soccer ball with all my might. Unbearable pain and no insurance led me to use rest and painkillers as my only option for recovery.

7 months later a renowned orthopedist diagnosed a labral tear (hip) and I underwent 2 surgeries 6 months apart. I had 3 MRIs done and the cortisone injection twice.

Today I cannot flex out my right leg without having pain, and cannot carry my children longer than 10 minutes.

Two years of therapy didn't help me at all. I notice that when I push in and hold the the adductor (or abductor?) muscle the discomfort goes away like magic. I guess all this can be fixed by identifying a muscle which is out of place but no one seems to know what the exact problem is.

I recently found out about the Muscle Activation Techniques but no practitioner wants to commit to anything or give reassurance about this procedure.

For now, the outcome is more than $34k in medical bills and the painful idea that I'll have to give up soccer or any other high impact sport. Why does everybody seem to agree on that it's time to play golf?!

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