Elaine's ACL Surgery

by Elaine
(Falkirk, Scotland )

I injured my leg last October during a rugby game. At first I didn't realize how serious the injury was. I thought I had simply sprained some of the ligaments in my knee so I continued training and tried to play again. After 3 minutes on the pitch my knee gave way and I had to be carried to the sidelines. Still, I didn't admit defeat and continued training. I finally gave in and went to the doctor after I had to stop suddenly one day and my knee just buckled. The pain was excruciating!!

I had an MRI scan which confirmed I had ruptured my ACL and sprained my medial ligaments. I had surgery 2 weeks ago today (10th October) and I am now managing with 1 crutch and doing my exercises daily though I still only have about 90 degree movement in my leg.

I'm finding it difficult to cope with the pain and the awkwardness of having to use a crutch and not being as active as usual. But, I am glad I had the surgery and just hope I can work hard enough to get my leg back to normal and get back on the rugby pitch again!!

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