Elaine's ACL surgery

by Elaine

I waited 2 years after my skiing accident before having surgery......as i was really scared of the thought of it. I finally got so frustrated that I went ahead and had my reconstruction on 4th March 2009.

my surgeon did a great job and I'm pleased with my progress except that i don't have full extension yet.I had to stop taking the nsaid's as they were killing my stomach, but I'm worried that the swelling will impede progress.I'd love some feedback from others on their range of movement in the 2nd week.
For those of you who are about to do the surgery I would say dont panic. My own experience is that the post op pain etc is not as bad as the post injury pain and immobility. At least this time I feel like I'm working towards a full recovery.
At 10 days post op my wounds have healed and I can manage with no painkillers...... it's truly amazing!

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