Elbow injury due to hyperextension (I think) (radial head fracture)

by George

While not directly a result of a sports activity, this injury may affect my recreational sporting-- golf, fishing, paddling etc.

I am a 58y/o male. A few days ago I caught a bundle of sheetrock-- two sheets-- by the edge as it dropped about two feet into my left hand. I believe it snapped my arm straight. There was no contact against my elbow, but it felt as if the edge had landed directly on the inside of my elbow joint.

There was no extreme pain but I experienced immediate discomfort and loss of full contraction or extension without great discomfort. It was x-rayed the next day and a small fracture of the radial head was noted. Swelling and bruising appeared along the ulnar side of the arm from the elbow to about 3" above the wrist and it is very uncomfortable (tight and painful) when I rotate my left hand from a flat position, palm down, on a table so that the thumb is raised to a palm-up position.

I iced it the first day or so and was put in a sling by my doctor. It is now very tender to the touch at the point where I imagine the ulnar collateral ligament attaches (medial side). Also the bruising extends about 3" above the elbow joint on the med side with tenderness in this area

Are you familiar with this type of injury? What should I do? I plan a follow-up visit for further x-rays. Is this a common injury? Should I expect a quick recovery?

I am very appreciative of anything you might tell me.

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