elbow irritation after tommy john surgery one year ago.

My son had tommy john surgery oct. 17, 2007. He did very well in his rehab and throwing program. He started pitching very little in fall ball games after permission from doctor and year since his operation was up.

Last Sunday he was pitching in a game and heard a pop in his elbow and his elbow felt dead and swelled up. He said it was a pop he felt in his elbow but not right where the operation was. He felt a pop but did not hear it. After that his arm felt dead and he was taken out of the game.

He said he did all before the game stretches and drills. He only threw 15 pitches in the game. He has no pain and the swelling has gone down after three days but a little is still there. His doctors nurse told us to wait a week and light toss in a week to see how is elbow feels. She thinks it maybe scar tissue breaking up in there and this did occur with another player last year who had this operation. Of course, if it still is swollen and feels dead, we will take him to get it checked out.

Just wondering what you think since I found this site. He had just started working on his curve ball again that may be the cause. He has taken it slow and the coach is real good about that. Have you heard of scar tissue popping in the elbow after this surgery and what do you think could cause the swelling and deadness?


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