Erica's tib fib fracture recovery

by Erica
(Midland, Texas)

Nov. 22, 2009 I fell and broke tib and fib and dislocated ankle joint. Surgery next day & now have metal plate and 7 screws in the tib. Wore boot-cast for 6 weeks (non weight-bearing.) X-ray showed bones healed, so began weight bearing and physical therapy. Went to PT 3 days a week for about 6 weeks. Doctor says it will take time to get back to normal. Now it's been 14 weeks since the break. I am back to work at a desk job and do my regular daily activities, and I have pain/discomfort and swelling in the left lower leg/ankle area every day. I have heard this can go on for 12-18 months - the pain and swelling and stiffness. I am assuming that I am on a normal road to recovery. Please let me know if I am "on schedule" for a normal recovery from this type of fracture/surgery and what I should be doing to enhance my recovery progress. Any suggestions, information, or advice is most welcomed. Thanks, Erica (female, age 61)

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