Erics ACL,MCL and Partial PCL accident.. Walking info

by John E Trombly
(New Orleans)

So, Little background.

I'm 22, Very active in construction labor and sports activity (biking, skateboarding and things). Exactly one month ago, I was on a "half pipe" and someone ran into me while skateboarding. Kinda hard to describe how it happened. But essentially there was a collision, and an immediate dislocation of my knee (the classic foot ball clipping).

After an MRI, It was determined that I had tore my ACL, MCL, Partial tare PCL, and hyper extended ham strings.

Its been One month since the accident, walking with almost no limp. I am glad to say I begun walking (with brace) in just two weeks. I am in the process of recovering/healing the MCL, which is possible without surgery. Now I'm in a smaller brace, and looking forward to the ACL replacement. We have determined that I will go into surgery in two weeks.(a month and a half from initial tears)

I have chosen to use an ACL from a Cadaver because of all the other stressed ligaments in my leg. And am hopefull as to a full recovery.

I will update this post once I have undergone surgery, I hope its helpfull to the readers.

I am curious as to when I will be able to walk after surgery. I've heard a few different comments pertaining to but I'm still wondering.

How long after surgery can I expect to be able to walk with a brace on my leg? I've heard immediately, 2 weeks 3 weeks and up to 3 months.. Who knows?

I appreciate y'all reading and look forward to hearing your knowledge of recovery.


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