Fractured Fibula/ Compound Ankle dislocation (WARNING- Graphic Fracture Image)

by Anonymous

Tibia protruding: Compound Ankle dislocation

Tibia protruding: Compound Ankle dislocation

On May 31, 2009, I was playing a baseball game on my summer team here in sunny Florida. On this day, I was playing 3rd base. Next thing I know, I find myself chasing a pop foul ball toward the fence in foul territory and it was right then, that my left foot fell into a hole left by a fence post causing my fibula to fracture and a compound dislocation of my ankle/tibia. I went to the ER immediately where I had emergency surgey within a couple of hours. The surgeon repaired 2 or 3 torn ligaments and set my ankle and tibia back into place.

The Dr's main concern I believe, was infection from the compound dislocation, in which my tibia broke the skin. During the 1st surgery, the Dr determined that the swelling was to severe to repair the fractured fibula and he decided to wait 48hrs to go back in and asess the swelling. The swelling was still too severe, so I did not have my 3rd and final surgery until 2 weeks after the incident. I did wear a External Fixator for the weeks leading up to the last surgery, which was really weird and uncomfortable if you have never been through something like this.

Today, July 26th, I am all fixed and on the road to recovery. I wore a hard cast for 2 weeks after the 3rd surgery, before the Dr put me into a AirCast/Boot. I am non-weight bearing for 12 weeks total, and I have 7 weeks out of the 12 remaining. The crutches are HELL. I am going into my 4th full week of physical therapy, which I am doing 3 times a week. Because of the non-weight bearing, the therapist are only able to do Range of Motion excercises, which is extremely painful but well worth it. I am able to move up and down, but side to side is still very stiff.

I can only hope that everything goes as planned and I can get back out doing what I love the most, PLAYING BASEBALL and did I mention, ENJOYING LIFE.

I ecourage anyone to comment or reply to my story. Any tips, suggestions or related experience will be greately appreciated. Thanks for listening and I HOPE this NEVER happens to anyone. :)

Take a peek at the pic of my leg as I waited in the ER.

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